15Yu-Gi-Oh! Was Based On A Dark And Violent Manga

Yu-Gi-Oh Manga Pharoah

While the name Yu-Gi-Oh! is closely associated with the trading card game, the franchise actually started with a dark manga series. It took a while for Duel Monsters to show up in the manga, and the story mainly focused on other kinds of puzzles, riddles, and games.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! manga ran in Weekly Shonen

Jump magazine, and featured most of the same characters from the anime. Yugi completes the Millennium Puzzle, and the spirit of the Pharaoh is awoken in modern times. This early version of the Pharaoh didn't care about card games, though; he was more interested in creating his own supernatural version of Saw. 

In the first issue alone, the Pharaoh challenges one of Yugi's bullies to a game where you had to stab money off your hand without cutting yourself. The bully then tries to stab the Pharaoh, at which point he is driven insane by dark magic. A movie director starts hassling Yugi and Joey at their school, so the Pharaoh turns his eyes into permanent mosaics. An escaped prisoner kidnaps Téa, so the Pharaoh sets him on fire, and everyone just laughs it off.

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