YouTube is Changing Its Violent Video Game Content Moderation (For The Better)

YouTube is changing up its guidelines for content moderation for violent video games, which could mean a step toward appeasing frustrated creators.

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YouTube is changing how it moderates content from violent video games on its platform, this time in a way that should help content creators rather than hinder them. Gaming content creators have expressed their frustrations with YouTube's strict guidelines when it comes to demonetization, and it seems the platform has done its best to listen and make adjustments accordingly.

YouTube was founded back in 2005, and is now by far the most used website for video sharing. It has gone on to become the second most popular website on the internet behind Google, who bought YouTube in 2006. Content creators on YouTube earn money through Google AdSense, a program that sends advertisements to any given website that are targeted to the site itself and its audience. AdSense is how thousands of users on the site have been able to make a living creating content, that is, when their content is within the guidelines YouTube sets out.

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In a recent policy enforcement update, YouTube announced that it would be placing violent gaming content under the umbrella of scripted or simulated violence, rather than real-world violence. The update implies that violence depicted in television or film continued to be monetized due to an understanding that it is scripted or simulated, and states that the update to the policy will ensure that they are "enforcing violent or graphic content policies consistently." It is further explained that violent gaming content may be approved instead of being age-restricted, although videos will still be restricted if violence is their sole focus. The tweet announcing the update states that the change was brought about to address the community's outcry for the platform to "differentiate between real-world versus simulated violence."

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YouTube has recently been under fire for enforcing their guidelines too strictly, as entirely original content is unjustly flagged for copyright violations or videos are demonetized without reasonable explanation. The latest point of contention is YouTube's new guidelines for what constitutes kid-friendly content, which has left creators confused as they tried to decipher the ambiguously phrased policies. As of now, it is unclear whether the update pertaining to violence in games will have a meaningful effect on YouTube creators, or if it is simply an attempt to temporarily tamp down the frustrations.

This update on video game violence may be the first bit of leniency that YouTube has shown in a while, but it's a meaningful step toward finding a middle-ground for all parties involved. After all, these creators build their entire livelihoods around AdSense, so it's important that they are able to make money from their content.

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