Police Respond to Shooting at YouTube HQ in San Bruno [Updated]

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San Bruno Police officers responded to reports of an active shooter in the vicinity of the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California on Tuesday, April 3. The San Bruno police department confirmed on Twitter that they were responding to an active shooter.

As reported by the BBC, gunshots were reported near the YouTube campus in San Bruno, California, located south of San Francisco in San Mateo County. In a press conference, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said a woman believed to be the shooter was found dead of a "self-inflicted wound." According to the Los Angeles Times, authorities believe the shooting to be an incident of domestic or workplace violence, not an act of terrorism. Barberini said, “The extent of injuries are unknown right now. [The victims have] all been transported for gunshot-related injuries. We have one subject who is deceased with a self-inflicted wound, who at this time we believe to be the shooter, but we’re following up on that.”

Barberini confirmed at least four people have been transferred to hospitals with gun-related injuries. NBC News is reporting Zuckerberg General Hospital received three patients and expected more, while Stanford Medical Center expected four or five patients. The exact number of people who were hurt has not yet been confirmed. Vox is reporting that a spokesperson for Zuckerberg General Hospital offered an update on its patients, saying one is stable, one is fair, and one is critical condition.

Google, the company that owns YouTube, confirmed on Twitter that they were working with the authorities to provide information on the situation. See the company's tweet below:

YouTube employee Vadim Lavrusik reported the shooting on Twitter, writing, "Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers." Lavrusik later confirmed on Twitter he is safe. Another YouTube employee, Todd Sherman, recounted his experience on Twitter, starting, "We were sitting in a meeting and then we heard people running because it was rumbling the floor. First thought was earthquake." Sherman concluded his Twitter thread with confirmation he is safe.

According to NBC News, Barberini said the San Bruno police started receiving 911 calls of an "active shooter" at 12:46 pm PT (3:46pm ET) and were on the scene within two minutes. Further, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well as the FBI said they also responded to the scene of the incident.

On Twitter, United States President Donald Trump stated he was briefed on the situation, offering his thoughts and prayers to "everybody involved" and thanked law enforcement officers as well as first responders. See his tweet below:

California Senator Dianne Feinstein also responded to reports of the shooting on Twitter, saying she's "praying for the safety" of those at YouTube's headquarters.

Update: The City of San Bruno Police Department issued an official press release on today's incident confirming officers responded to reports of an active shooter on the YouTube campus. According to the statement, a total of four people were transported to local hospitals, with three suffering gunshot wounds.

Further, Google CEO Sundar Pichai released a statement on Twitter concerning today's events. According to Pichai, the situation is "contained" but Google is "actively monitoring and working with local authorities and hospitals." Pichai further confirms four people were hurt. Read Pichai's full statement below:

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