YouTube Rewind 2018 is The Most Disliked One Ever

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YouTube has released its "Rewind" video for 2018, and it's currently the most-disliked one ever. Released annually on the video-sharing website, "Rewind" serves as an overview and recap of its respective year. Produced by YouTube and Portal A Interactive, the retrospective video series first debuted in 2010.

Thanks to such juggernauts as Marvel, who recently debuted the record-breaking trailer for Avengers: End Game on the site, YouTube quickly became one of the most popular and frequented websites on the internet. To younger generations, YouTube is as much a household name as most television networks. As such, it has become a launch pad for a new generation of online performers and celebrities across various forms of entertainment. In recent years, YouTube has attempted to expand on that by producing a myriad of original programming, including Cobra Kai and a new animated Popeye series. They were originally kept behind a premium paywall, but all original content has since been made available for free. As well as this, YouTube has begun showing ad-supported Hollywood movies.

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Hosted by Will Smith (Disney's Aladdin remake), YouTube Rewind 2018 features many aforementioned online celebrities, including Ninja and Lilly Singh. The video, released via YouTube Spotlight), debuted two days ago. In that time, it has become the number one trending video on the website. Unfortunately, it would appear to be for all the wrong reasons. As pointed out by Reddit user TydeOnReddit, on the Data is Beautiful sub-Reddit, the latest in the annual series has the highest percentage of dislikes yet.

Although it still generates an incredible amount of traffic, YouTube, as a company, has experienced a backlash in recent months. Not only did they receive their share of heat regarding their response to the DEFY media shutdown, but there was also intense drama surrounding Logan Paul, one of its top content producers and premium stars. As far back as 2016, some analysis indicated that YouTube viewership was declining. More recently, it was suggested that YouTube was even losing its own community.

The apparent disdain for 2018's Rewind video seems to indeed reflect that. There could also be a few other reasons that contributed to the response, however. Based on the comments the video has received, the choice of stars, for many, left a lot to be desired. Whilst Ninja is hugely popular, he is admittedly more known for streaming on the gaming platform Twitch than Youtube. Despite the controversy surrounding some of his content, many questioned and lamented the fact that PewDiePie, easily the most successful Youtube creator, didn't feature. As for the others, casual viewers could be forgiven for not known the majority of them. Even amongst those that are familiar with each of those featured, a comment complaint appears to be the cringeworthiness of the video.

It's easy to see why, with the stars attempting dramatic performances despite a lack of acting experience. Although the messages conveyed at often poignant and thoughtful towards modern society, the writing and delivery are awkward and stilted. All in all, it plays like a series of vignettes compiled by somebody trying to appeal to youthful generations simply by referencing such things as Fortnite without knowing what they are or their stars' strengths. The above chart was compiled on December 8. At the time of this article's posting, however, the ratio is even higher. With a total of 6.7 million dislikes to the video's name, it's second only to Justin Bieber's "Baby" music video. With the views still pouring in, though, that number is sure to continue growing. As such, YouTube will no doubt be hoping they could get a rewind on their Rewind.

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Source: YouTube Spotlight, TydeOnReddit

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