YouTube Red's Karate Kid Sequel Series Plot Details Revealed

New information has been revealed about YouTube Red's upcoming Cobra Kai, a continuation of The Karate Kid, which was released in theaters back in 1984. The story about the new kid in town being bullied but fighting back by learning karate - and getting the girl - was an immediate success. By the end of the '80s, there were two sequels which told the further stories of karate teacher Mr. Miyagi and his student Daniel LaRusso, plus one more movie in the 90s starring Hilary Swank. There was also an animated series and a remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith in 2010. Yet the original movie remains a modern classic.

Until now, not much has been known about the first movie's villain, a High School bully and karate student named Johnny Lawrence. Johnny lost his final battle with Daniel at the end of the movie, only to be physically beaten by his own karate teacher for doing so in the opening minutes of the first sequel. After being saved by Mr. Miyagi, Johnny and his friend quit Cobra Kai and were never seen or heard from again. But a sequel series on YouTube Red will change that. Titled Cobra Kai, the series follows the lives of Johnny and Daniel, now adults.

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Aside from the involvement of the original film's stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, not much is known about Cobra Kai. However, Moviehole has recently learned a few things about the series.

Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid

In Cobra Kai, Daniel is a successful business and family man, while Johnny is so down on his luck that he literally gets mistaken for a homeless person at one point. In reality, he cleans septic tanks for a living and is trying to revive the old Cobra Kai school. He has one student - a store clerk named Miguel who is bullied like Daniel was. And of course, there is a new group of bullies, lead by a wrestler named Kyler who looks down on Johnny and the former Cobra Kai boys and who is dating Daniel's oldest daughter, Samantha.

While it was not stated that Kyler and his group of bullies are the ones giving Miguel a hard time, it is certainly possible. And if so, former enemies Johnny and Daniel might just have a common enemy in this new series. Though whether that means they will finally be friends is unclear - their childhood rivalry may very well have continued into their adulthood.

Meanwhile, Mr. Miyagi is gone but not forgotten. Daniel will talk about his former mentor from time to time, often around the dinner table while trying to impart wisdom on his children.

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Cobra Kai will air on YouTube Red in 2018

Source: Moviehole

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