YouTube Partners With TiVo

Its an odd recognition of something I detest, yet quietly, I root for. My head hurts.

Have some history and Statistics:

Google:In 1993, there were approximately 100 websites in the gigantic web called the internet. Wow, imagine the potential!

Larry Page and Sergey Brin came together and created a web page ranking system that tracked adjoining links, creating a kind of family tree map of the websites on the internet. This process was hosted on a piece of equipment called BackRub. By late 1997 Page and Brin obtained the funding necessary to move their project from the Stanford campus and into a friend’s garage.

That garage has expanded out into several server farms that run stripped down, low-cost linux machines. I've personally seen one of these farms and they are eerie quiet. They've pulled all the fans, and taken the cases off the machines and run them "open-face" to take advantage of the buildings A/C systems. Estimates say they run approximately 450,000 servers around the world. Geo-location helps them serve the world more efficiently.

The core of the page ranking system from 1993 is still an integral part of the Google search engine today. Combined with their marketing / advertising schemes, they make an estimated $10 billion annually.

YouTube:Believe it or not, YouTube isn't that old. It was started in February of 2005. Though Google claims that the service is not profitable because it's hard to nail down a marketing niche, there are intangibles related to this service. And they better be pretty big intangibles. It's estimated that the costs of providing the stored video's is~ $1 million a day and that 10 hours worth of videos are uploaded every minute!

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