YouTube Partners With TiVo

What the heck would we do if we didn't have TiVo or DVR's. Half the shows that we watch that get canceled would never be watched by anyone. Then they'd be canceled... Ah... hmm.

TiVo just got a bit more addictive, or enticing, if you will.

YouTube and TiVo have come together in a joint venture so now you can actually peruse YouTube on your broadband TiVo sets and you won't even have to get up from the couch anymore... uh ho. And this is TiVo's first streaming video provider partnership. For the moment though, this will only account for 1/5th of the nearly 4 million TiVo subscribers.

TiVo has deals with 60 other internet sites that provide content to TiVo. These deals account for 27 million downloads through the service. According to Nielsen / NetRatings, (Yea, Nielsen again) on a monthly basis, YouTube is watched by 68 million people, who stream an amazing 3.8 billion videos. That averages out to around ~55.9 videos viewed per person, per month.

That's nuts.

To date, the movie rental gadget Amazon Unbox has been the most popular gadget on TiVo. I'm expecting the YouTube feature will be a pretty addictive option and probably overtake that toy, but it depends on the people. Face it, there's some OK stuff and there some ridiculously good things out there too. For me I can log in and dig up stuff NASCAR stuff on Dale Earnhardt Jr., or Sr.. Or I can dig up some past PBA tournaments and watch those. In other words, YouTube can be a quick visit, or a real time sink. I put my own time sink out there of my dog chasing roller coasters. ( Entertaining to me, but to most, who cares.)

It seems a pretty brave move on TiVo to partner up with Google's video arm of the web, YouTube, as they're always finding themselves under the legal gun as over-zealous members tend to post material that isn't theirs, and the search engine monster Google finds themselves constantly in "conversation" with lawyers about the rights of some of the posted videos.

But as Google puts it, TiVo is only a window for the videos the users post.

Believe it or not, I see something good in this new partnership for us, the fans of the science fiction genre.


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