More YouTube Drama As Ads Removed From All Logan Paul Videos

Logan Paul

YouTube has finally had enough of Logan Paul's behavior, and has announced that it has removed ads from all of the YouTube star's channels. One of the biggest vloggers on the website, Paul caused huge controversy after he released a video that included footage of a dead body hanging in Japan's "Suicide Forest." Understandably, the video caused an outcry, and Paul took several weeks off after giving an abrupt apology.

Paul returned in an apparently more compassionate fashion, but that new and improved attitude did not last long. In recent weeks, the YouTuber has been caught encouraging his followers to try the Tide Pod Challenge, and then released a video tasering a dead rat. As such, the vlogger has once again been bad news for YouTube, with criticism coming over Paul's negative influence.

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It seems that this has been enough to force YouTube into action. The Google-owned platform has announced that it is temporarily suspending adverts on Logan Paul's various channels, citing Logan Paul's "recent pattern of behavior" as the reason behind this decision. This could have a major impact on Paul, given that it is estimated that the YouTuber earns over $1 million in ad revenue every month.

For some, though, this isn't enough. There has been suggestions that YouTube has been more lenient on Paul than perhaps he deserves, with some instead calling for a full and permanent ban for the YouTube Rewind-starring vlogger rather than simply a temporary restriction on ad revenue. After all, given that YouTube's automated ad barriers have unfairly hit channels with ad bans for doing nothing at all, this hardly seems like much of a extra punishment in comparison to the simple day-to-day running of smaller channels.

This is far from the only time that a prominent YouTuber has come under fire for their behavior and for seemingly pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable on the platform. Let's Play superstar PewDiePie released a video with anti-Semitic slurs which saw him being dropped by the Disney-owned Maker Studios, but this was not the last time that PewDiePie would draw controversy. Instead, the Let's Player said a racial slur in a livestream a few months later, leaving many to wonder whether more action should be taken.

No doubt there will be more fallout from this latest Logan Paul controversy, as discussions run hot about the lengths YouTube should go to in order to protect its platform and its user base. Indeed, should this become the standard action for YouTube, then it could have permanent ramifications for the most popular channels on the platform.

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