YouTube Let's Play Sensation Happy Wheels Gets Its Own Series

Let's Play Sensation Happy Wheels Gets Its Own Series

Originally launched in 2010 and created by video game designer Jim Bonacci, Happy Wheels quickly became a YouTube Let's Play sensation that inspired countless internet personalities around the world to give the ragdoll physics-based browser game a try for themselves while posting the results online for all to see. Since then, the game has generated a grand total of 12.3 million plays a month, 1.2 billion total logged sessions, 352 million independent participants, and 14 million downloads of its official app.

To say that the Happy Wheels franchise is one of the biggest names in gaming would be an understatement at this point, as developer and publisher Fancy Force has continued to rake in the profits of what has become a verifiable player phenomenon. Stemming off of its notorious use of hyperbolic violence mixed with sardonic humor, Bonacci has created quite the best-selling hit within the contemporary gaming industry. What's more, it would appear that Machinima is primed to turn the much beloved property into an original nine-episode animated series.

In the footage featured above, Machinima and Bonacci have joined forces to bring potential viewers a wholly original take on the Happy Wheels game in the form of an original animated series set to air exclusively on The new show is all set to include iconic and fan favorite characters such as Wheelchair Guy, Irresponsible Dad, and Lawnmower Man, and will additionally feature the voices of several well-known YouTube personalities like Tay Zonday (known for his viral music video "Chocolate Rain"), Lance Stewart (aka Lance210), and Anna Brisbin (aka Brizzy Voices). Check out the official poster below:

YouTube Let's Play Sensation Happy Wheels Gets Its Own Series

For some potential viewers, it might be a bit of a hard sell to encourage active spectatorship of what is essentially already being offered for free online. As for those otherwise wholly enamored with all things Happy Wheels, news of a nine-episode animated series is likely to be met with unadulterated optimism and exuberant passion.

Only time will tell how warmly received the new Happy Wheels series will prove among general audiences, though with any luck some of the billions of players already acquainted with the property might give it a try when the show makes its way to later this month. For everyone else, Bonacci's original browser game is still live and waiting for more players who haven't already done so to give it the old college try.

The Happy Wheels original series is coming to on November 15, 2016.

Source: Machinima   

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