You're the Worst Season 5 Will Be Its Last

You're the Worst Season 3

You’re the Worst is calling it a day after season 5 airs next year. The series has had somewhat of an odd run over the course of its four years so far, on first FX and then FXX. You're the Worst started out as an unheralded underdog, featuring four actors (Aya Cash, Christopher Geere, Desmin Borges, and Kether Donohue) who were far from household names, but the series built up word of mouth over the course of its first season, gaining more popularity and critical respect - something that continued in the second and third seasons. Despite a lack of significant ratings success, it's been one of the more highly-regarded comedies of its era.

This year, in its fourth season, You’re the Worst has hit some critical backlash, with lots of former champions of the show writing negative pieces and influential critic Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx even dropping his weekly reviews of the show. Critics and fans have objected to the series keeping the main characters apart, raising plot threads and dropping them, while writers have at times lost sight of who the characters are. Now, ahead of the hourlong season 4 finale, there’s news about the future of the series.

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You’re the Worst has been renewed for a fifth season by FXX and that season will be its last. Creator Stephen Falk said in a statement that it was a mutual decision between the producers and the network to end the series after one more season:

Chris Geere Desmin Borges Kether Donohue and Aya Cash in You're The Worst Season 3

“Making ‘You’re The Worst’ has been an incredible experience and FX Networks have been dream partners… I am thankful to have the opportunity to be thoroughly judged whether or not we ‘stick the landing’ – which is a thing people say now that stupid ‘Breaking Bad’ had to end so damn perfectly.”

It’s unfortunate that this series has taken such a downturn, considering that it was one of TV’s sharpest, funniest and most well-acted series for its first three years. You’re the Worst has had room for everything from hilarious character work to a long, not-so-funny arc about a main character’s depression - all while taking advantage of the ribaldry allowed on a cable channel at 10 p.m.

While You’re the Worst may have been subpar this year, the show has done a lot of great things in its brief run, so hopefully the series can learn from its mistakes and get its act together for its final season.

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You’re the Worst season 4 wraps up on FXX tonight.

Source: FXX

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