You’re the Worst Season 3 Trailer: The Return of Jimmy & Gretchen

You’re the Worst, through its first two seasons, has emerged as one of the sharpest comedies on TV. The show, created by Stephen Falk, debuted on FX in 2014 before moving over to FXX in 2015, and despite minuscule ratings, the series has enough of a passionate audience that it's been repeatedly renewed. You’re the Worst concerns four main characters, all of them deeply flawed individuals and all played by heretofore unknown actors who knock it out of the park in every episode.

The premise is that struggling writer Jimmy (Chris Geere) and music publicist Gretchen (Aya Cash) meet, have sex and start dating. But, because both are somewhat damaged in various ways, they have trouble admitting that they actually like one another. The quartet is completed by Edgar (Desmin Borges), a good-hearted and lovelorn Iraq War veteran with PTSD and Lindsay (Kether Donohue), who married a man she hates and spends every waking moment acting out. We’re now just a couple of weeks away from seeing the four of them again.

You’re the Worst returns for its 13-episode third season August 31, and FXX has debuted a trailer (above) teasing the return and continued antics of Jimmy, Gretchen, Lindsay, and Edgar.

Chris Geere and Aya Cash in You're The Worst Season 2 Episode 13

The key takeaway from the trailer is that it appears the series will be building upon the themes of season 2, rather than casting them aside in favor of new ones. Samira Wiley (best known as Poussey from Orange is the New Black) has joined the show as Gretchen’s therapist. Also, it's clear that Lindsay’s husband Paul (Allan McLeod) and Edgar’s girlfriend Dorothy (Collette Wolfe) are still in the picture. As for Jimmy and Gretchen? Their relationship dynamic — one that’s both messed up and very realistic — remains.

Great as it was in the first year, You’re the Worst hit a new gear in season 2, especially in its second half, with a storyline that dealt with Gretchen’s clinical depression, how Jimmy reacted to it and what it meant for their relationship. The storyline was widely praised not only because it took a very difficult subject and made it funny, realistic and believable, but because it was so strikingly at odds with the way movies and TV typically treat depression — specifically, the frequently presented, but false, notion that depression is the disease and romantic love is the cure.

It was an incredibly big risk for a show like this to take, in its second season and with renewal by no means assured, but the gamble paid off immensely. The new trailer indicates that the depression storyline hasn’t been forgotten about or “solved,” with Gretchen’s therapist even arriving as a new character. It might not be the focus of the series from here on out, but it’s still there, and there are still stories to tell about it.

You’re the Worst returns on FXX August 31.

Source: FXX

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