Viral Marketing for 'You're Next' Invades 'The Big Wedding' Posters

the big wedding you're next

Lionsgate is distributing two very different movies over the next few months. First of all, there's family-themed romantic comedy The Big Wedding, in which Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton play a divorced couple who are forced to fake being married again - so as not to offend their future daughter-in-law's strict Catholic mother. Then there's home invasion horror You're Next, directed by A Horrible Way to Die's Adam Wingard, in which a family get-together turns into a bloodbath as a group of people attempt to defend themselves from masked killers with an unexplained grudge against them.

It appears that Lionsgate has decided to kill two birds with one stone, literally doubling up their posters for The Big Wedding and You're Next to create a creepy and rather cool viral campaign. We're not yet sure how many incarnations of this there are, or how far it has spread, but it's certainly a creative concept.

Bloody Disgusting shared this image, taken at one of the many bus stops in Los Angeles that are displaying similar posters.

You're Next/The Big Wedding poster

The menacing masked creature seen hovering over the image appears to be a little bit larger than life-size and designed to look like a reflection, so it's probably a bit unnerving to turn around and see it, especially late at night. The design mimics a scene from the trailer for You're Next, in which one of the home invaders' reflections looms out of the darkness in a window's reflection.

What makes the poster particularly effective is that, like most viral marketing, it doesn't come with an explanation or even bear the name of You're Next, which is scheduled for release about three months after The Big Wedding. This means that creeped-out commuters who catch sight of it will either do their own research to find out what's happened to the posters for the romcom, or will forget about it until the real posters for You're Next start appearing over the summer, at which point they'll be more likely to turn a few heads.

The combination of the two films isn't totally random; despite belonging to different genres, they're both centred around families and weddings. In You're Next, the Davison family are attacked whilst on a getaway celebrating a wedding anniversary, so it makes a kind of twisted sense that it should appear looming on the horizon of The Big Wedding. Is the dual poster suggesting that every wedding ends in serial killers and blood? Maybe so.


The Big Wedding is in theaters on May 31st, 2013.

You're Next is out on August 23, 2013.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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