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The soundtrack is almost as beautiful as the movie itself, so here's every song found on the Your Name soundtrack. Your Name is an anime film from director Makoto Shinkai (Voices Of A Distant Star) and the story follows a teen girl and boy who wake up one day in each other's bodies. Far from being a more traditional body switch comedy like Freaky Friday, Your Name takes this premise to tell a sweet love story.

Your Name was praised upon release for its gorgeous animation and the central love story itself. Word of mouth would also see the film become the highest grossing anime of all time, with a worldwide haul of $350 million. Your Name is also set to receive a live-action English language remake produced by J.J. Abrams. Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man) is set to direct from a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival). This version is said to revolve around a Native American woman switching places with a young man from Chicago.

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Your Name was also praised for its fantastic soundtrack, which was produced by the Japanese rock group the Radwimps. The album proved to a hit in both Japan and the U.S, charting at #2 on the Billboard World Albums chart. The Radwimps also recorded English language versions of the tracks for the movie's English dub. Listed below is every song found on the Your Name soundtrack.

1. Dream Lantern

2. School Road

3. Itomori High School

4. First View Of Tokyo

5. Cafe At Last

6. Theme of Ms. Okudera

7. Unusual Changes Of Two

8. Zenzenzense (Movie Version)

9. Goshintai

10. Date

11. Autumn Festival

12. Evoking Memories

13. Visit to Hida

14. Disappeared Town

15. Library

16. The Night Inn

17. Again to Goshintai

18. Kuchikamizake Trip

19. Council of War

20. Persuading Mayor

21. Theme of Mitsuha

22. Unseen Two

23. Katawaredoki

24. Sparkle (Movie Version)

25. Date 2

26. Nandemonaiya (Movie Edition)

27. Nandemonaiya (Movie Version)

Yojiro Noda is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Radwimps and the Your Name score took over a year for the band to compose. Noda wrote most of the music and lyrics for the film, while guitarist Akira Kuwahara and bassist Yusuke Takeda composed the music for certain tracks like "Unusual Changes Of Two" and "Disappeared Town" respectively. The band wasn't able to see any of the animation for the film either while the soundtrack was being created, and only had the script to work from to capture the mood and feel of the story.

The Your Name soundtrack perfectly captures the romantic, melancholy nature of the film , which is one reason why it was praised by reviewers, and became a success outside of the movie itself. Whoever composes the soundtrack for the upcoming live-action remake will have a challenging time topping the Radwimps work.

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