Youngsters Pry James Cameron For Hints on Avatar 2

Two very lucky and very young press representatives had the chance to interview James Cameron and his wife about Avatar. The two Na'vi supporters, Hannah and Dylan, are part of the self-titled "The Interstellar Teen Press" of the Santa Barbara Middle School program.

Strolling the red carpet incognito as two lost Na'vi seeking information about their home from Pandora's master and creator Jamers Cameron, the two youngsters line-up at the red carpet of the Arlington Theater and had the chance to run a lengthy discussion with Cameron himself where he reveals what may be some details about Avatar 2.

Check out what Cameron had to say in this very special interview:


So, as many have suspected online, the Avatar sequel may take place in large part on the second moon surrounding the planet

Let's quickly run-through some of the literature surrounding what we know about Pandora, the moon of which the film Avatar took place on. Pandora is one of many moons surrounding the gas giant known as Polyphemus. This planet is in the Alpha Centauri system, which to us measly humans on Earth, is the third brightest star in our night sky (actually, it's a binary system which to our naked eye, looks like one big bright star - Polyphemus orbits Alpha Centauri A if you're interested).

According to Avatar-related fiction, there are thirteen other moons orbiting the big gaseous planet, meaning there's plenty to explore in the sequels. Although it would seem strange and highly unlikely that another moon in the same system, let alone orbiting the same planet, would also be habitable if that's the path they choose to go. Perhaps there's an outpost or base setup elsewhere?

Even though Fox is planning Avatar 2 after it became the #1 all-time grossing movie and passing the $2 billion mark, it may take a while for Cameron to bring the project to life with the other work he has lined up. Fortuneately for fans, it will be a vastly easier process bringing the sequel to fruiting since all of the concept, design work, new tech and research has all been done and the groundwork is there to expand upon.

What would you like the sequel to explore? Any ideas on how Cameron could incorporate the other celestial bodies near Pandora?

Stay tuned for more Avatar buzz as we close in on the 82nd annual Academy Awards.

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