Younger Season 6 Release Date & Series Recap

Younger season 6 will arrive soon so let's take a look back on the misadventures of Liza Miller, a 40-year-old mother who literally isn't acting her age. Younger is based on the 2005 novel by Pamela Redmond Satran and the series debuted in 2015, which was created by Darren Star (Sex And The City). The show follows Liza (Sutton Foster) who has to go back to work when she learns her ex-husband's debts drained all their savings.

Liza pretends to be in her mid-20's to secure a job in publishing, where she befriends Hilary Duff's (Lizzie McGuire) Kelsey and starts a relationship with a younger man named Josh. Of course, maintaining this illusion quickly makes her life very complicated. Younger has received solid reviews since it launched, with particular praise for the ensemble cast and the sharp comic writing.

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The fanbase for Younger seems to grow larger year by year, so here's what they can expect from series 6 and what happened in the previous season.

When Does Younger Season 6 Return?

Hilary Duff in Younger

Younger season 6 will premiere on TV Land on June 12, 2019. Considering the sheer number of cliffhangers introduced in the season 5 finale, it would be a real shame if the show hadn't returned, with Darren Star promising season 6 will be the most dramatic year of the series.

What Happened On Younger Season 5?

younger liza charles

Liza's had a crazy journey over the course of five seasons, including her complex love triangle between tattoo artist Josh and Charles, the older head of book publishing company Empirical. By the end of season 5, Liza has decided on Charles, who steps down from the company after his affair with Liza is leaked to the press by a vengeful rival. Charles and Liza are finally free to make their relationship public, but in a twist worthy of The Graduate, their expressions suggest they both have serious doubts about their future.

Josh has had a real emotional rollercoaster too, with his impulsive tendencies leading him to wed another woman in season 4, which didn't last long. Season 5 ended with him deciding not to act as a sperm donor for his friend Maggie because he wants his own son, and even has a vision of being with Liza - only for his ex Clare showed up at his door, seemingly pregnant with his baby.

With Younger season 5 featuring Charles stepping down, Kelsey (Duff) is appointed the new boss at Empirical. While this position was a personal ambition for her, season 6 will find her struggling with her new found responsibilities. She also learned editor rival Zane is in love with her and he's called off their competition.

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