Younger: 5 Reasons Why Liza Should End Up With Josh (& 5 Reasons Why It Should be Charles)

As Younger enters its sixth season, we can't help but think about the two leading men in our protagonist's life: Josh and Charles. Both Josh and Charles are aware of Liza's secret: She is a 40 something divorcee masquerading as a millennial in order to enter the field of publishing. Although they became aware at different times in the series, they accept her secret and keep it quiet. This proves that both men are trustworthy and care about Liza.

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In addition, Liza has incredible chemistry with both of them. So who should she end up with despite any obstacles currently in her path? Why should she end up with each one?

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10 Josh: Brings A Sense Of Adventure

Josh was Liza's first boyfriend, and he opened Liza up to new things. She went to music festivals, tried pot lollipops, played community dodge ball, and did several other things because of Josh. Josh reminded her of who she was before the divorce and stale marriage: Someone who was up for anything. This sense of adventure allowed Liza to reclaim an important part of who she was and to allow herself to have fun. Moreover, Josh helped bring joy back into her life.

9 Charles: Matched Maturity


Charles and Liza are the same age range. They grew up during the same time and can easily connect. They also are both parents, so they understand what it means to sacrifice for children. Liza's connection to Charles is natural. They can bond over their experiences and difficulty in navigating a job market focused on youth.

8 Josh: Keep Returning To Each Other

Now with the start of Season 6, it may seem that Josh and Liza aren't going to return to each other. Josh discovers that he is going to be a dad, and Liza and Charles seem very much a thing. However, we aren't sure that Josh and Liza won't return to each other again. In the past, they have broken up and gotten back together. Let's not forget that Josh sought out Liza the night before he wed Clare, perhaps wanting her to persuade him not to marry Clare.

During the seasons where they were friends, Josh seemed to always be waiting to see if his relationship with Liza would reignite, even confiding in friends that he thinks that Liza was the one. Caitlin, Liza's daughter, has told Josh not to give up on her mom. All of this and more makes it very possible that they will return to each other again. After all, it is their pattern, and we would love it if they did.

7 Charles: Shared Love Of Literature & Books

Charles and Liza both love and value literature and books. In the first season, Charles admires Liza's love of literature. He notes that she is very well-read, at that time thinking that she is much younger. Literature and language is very important to both of them. Having this shared love and value connects them in how they see the world and provides opportunities for endless conversations.

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Liza had problems with Josh not being a reader or valuing reading. She doesn't have these same problems with Charles.

6 Josh: Handled Secret Well

Although both Charles and Josh learned of Liza's secret, the one that handled it the best was Josh. Despite being hard for Josh, especially since he values honesty, he eventually accepted it. Not all did he accept it, he honored her request to not tell the others.

In addition, when Josh went with Liza to see her former friends, he kept the secret from them as well. He was one of the very first people she trusted with her secret. Josh was able to adjust to her age, ultimately loving who Liza was as a person.

5 Charles: Respects Her Work & Perspective

Because they come from the same world, Charles understands and respects her work. On top of this, he respects her point of view. When Liza tells him that the rumors about an author they supported are true (the author was sexually harassing women), Charles believes her and immediately terminates work with the author.

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This author had been a lucrative deal for Empirical (their publishing company) and had a long history with them. However, Charles respects Liza, her research, personal experience, and instincts.

4 Josh: Has A Strong Friendship

While initially Liza and Josh started out as romantic partners, skipping the stage of friendship, they have developed into good friends. After the second break-up, Liza told Josh that she wanted to be in his life in whatever way possible because he is important to her.

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This may have taken some time for both to get used to, but they are friends. Liza has supported Josh in difficult times. When Josh contemplates leaving his shop since he would have to sign a long-term lease, Liza tells him not to do it. She reminds him that the tattoo shop is something that he loves and that all of his friends (including her) will be there for him. When Josh asks her to come to his wedding to Clare, even though it will be painful for Liza, she comes to support him. Josh supports Liza, too, although maybe not as often as Liza supports Josh. Still, their friendship could serve as a bedrock for an even better romantic relationship than before.

3 Charles: Is Also A Divorcee & Dependable

Charles and Liza have similar histories. They both are divorced from a long marriage. In Liza's case, she gave up a lot for her marriage and role as a mother. She gave up some of her dreams. In addition, she is the dependable one of that marriage. One of the reasons that she masquerades as a millennial to get into the publishing world is so that she can support her daughter's education.

Charles also is the dependable one, supporting both of his young daughters. However, unlike Liza, he was not the one who gave up his dreams and his career in the marriage. His ex-wife was the one who gave up a lot of herself. His ex-wife returns, however briefly, forcing Charles to face the past. Due to this, Charles would never make Liza give up her dreams and career.

In summary, both understand the pain of divorce and the importance of being dependable for your children. They have an understanding of what each other has been through.

2 Josh: Is Very Kind With A Big Heart

When Liza sets up Clare with Josh (in her effort to be a friend), she tells Clare to not judge a book by its cover. She confides to Clare that Josh is one of the kindest people that Liza knows. We see this when they are together. When Liza is in the hospital, Josh stays by her side, even curling up next to her. When Liza goes to visit her old friends, Josh waits in the car for her, letting her have the time with them.

1 Charles: Listens To Liza

When Liza and Charles have disagreements or fights, Charles listens to her. These conversations are difficult, but Charles is ready to acknowledge her point of view and explain his. When needed, he also apologizes. This ability to listen comes in handy as any relationship has bumps. The hope is that they can listen to each other and address them.

The series established both Josh and Charles are the leading men in Liza's life. Currently, Liza is with Charles, but should she be? She and Josh still love each other; could she return to Josh? We'll have to watch and see.

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