• The Big Bang Theory will soon air its series finale, ending after 12 seasons. 1 / 8

    The cast of CBS's Big Bang Theory
  • Right afterward, spinoff series Young Sheldon will air its season 2 finale. 2 / 8

  • It's now been revealed that said finale will include other young Big Bang Theory characters. 3 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Penny and Sheldon Vertical
  • How exactly they'll figure into the plot is unknown, as is the actors that will play them. 4 / 8

  • The entire main Big Bang Theory cast will represented in younger form though, 5 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Penny and Leonard Wedding Vertical
  • Including Sheldon's wife Amy, long-term couples Leonard & Penny and Howard & Bernadette, 6 / 8

    The Big Bang Theory Howard and Bernie Vertical
  • and of course Raj, the perpetually single member of the Big Bang Theory gang. 7 / 8

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