Young Sheldon Season 2 Finale Includes Other Young Big Bang Theory Characters

The season 2 finale of Young Sheldon - airing right after The Big Bang Theory's series finale - will include other young Big Bang Theory characters. After 12 seasons and nearly 300 episodes, CBS' The Big Bang Theory prepares to sign off as the longest-running multi-camera sitcom in TV history. While it's true that the show has a rather vocal legion of detractors, it's remained one of the highest-rated programs on TV for its entire run, so clearly those involved are doing something right. In 2017, the Big Bang Theory universe was expanded with the addition of prequel spinoff Young Sheldon.

Surprisingly enough, Young Sheldon isn't like most sitcom spinoffs, which often do their best to copy the formula that worked for their parent series. Young Sheldon is a single-camera sitcom with a much different tone to its comedy than Big Bang Theory, and also a much more heartfelt side. Yet, most fans of one tend to be fans of both, perhaps due to them sharing the creative guidance of sitcom mastermind Chuck Lorre.

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With Big Bang Theory ending soon, TV Line reports that Young Sheldon's season 2 finale will feature its own special sendoff for the show that spawned it. The finale - titled "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast" - will include young versions of other Big Bang Theory characters, including Sheldon's eventual wife Amy, long-term couples Leonard and Penny and Howard and Bernadette, and of course, the perpetually single Raj. That means the entire core Big Bang Theory cast will be represented.

It's unclear at present exactly how the other young Big Bang Theory characters will be worked into the storyline of Young Sheldon's season 2 finale, or what young actors will be cast in the roles. This won't actually be the first bit of crossover between the two series, as earlier this season, the young version of Sheldon and a couple of his family members made a cameo on Big Bang Theory via a VHS tape watched by adult Sheldon.

That said, the aforementioned cameo wasn't really anything that needed a complex explanation. After all, it makes sense that Sheldon might have some taped family mementos left behind from his childhood. This time, all the characters from both shows will be in the same time period, and as it's been established that Sheldon didn't meet Leonard of any of the others until adulthood, it wouldn't make any sense for them to somehow cross paths. Yet, TV Line's report insists the young Big Bang Theory characters will be part of the finale's story, leaving fans to wonder how exactly this will be accomplished.

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The Big Bang Theory series finale and the Young Sheldon season 2 finale air May 16 on CBS.

Source: TV Line

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