Young Sheldon Renewed For Two More Seasons At CBS

Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Young Sheldon is guaranteed to run for two more seasons as the show gets an early renewal from CBS. The Big Bang Theory spinoff debuted in 2017 and tackles Sheldon's years of growing with his family in Galveston, Texas. This satisfies fans' clamor on more information about the character's backstory since he's constantly referring to that part of his life in the early seasons of Big Bang Theory.

Iain Armitage brilliantly portrays the the titular character, first popularized by Jim Parsons. Young Sheldon also officially introduced fans to young versions of boy genius' mother, Mary (Zoe Perry, originally played by Laurie Metcalf) and Meemaw (Annie Potts, originally played by June Squibb). Meanwhile, viewers meet Sheldon's father, George Sr. (Lance Barber) for the first time through the prequel offshoot. Currently on its second season, fans of the show would be thrilled to know that the prequel offshoot will at least have four seasons following news that it got picked up for two additional outings.

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Deadline is now reporting that CBS has renewed Young Sheldon for two more years, meaning it will continue to run from 2019-2020 TV seasons. “Thanks to Chuck Lorre’s and Steve Molaro’s outstanding creative leadership, Young Sheldon has been a powerful performer for the Network with an audience that towers over most of the television landscape,” Kelly Kahl, President, CBS Entertainment, said in a statement in light of this news. The renewal comes after the network ordered a similar 2-season pick-up for Mom earlier this month.

Being the second most-popular sitcom, only behind The Big Bang Theory, the renewal for Young Sheldon doesn't come as a surprise, especially since its parent series is wrapping up after 12 seasons this May. The network is setting it up to take the massive void that The Big Bang Theory will leave once it goes off the air, evidenced by the crossover event between the two shows last year. CBS is hoping that the prequel series will be able to satisfy fans' continued clamor for the Pasadena gang. However, while Young Sheldon poses strong viewer ratings for the channel, it's no secret that a chunk of The Big Bang Theory's massive fan-base isn't exactly thrilled with it as they feel that it's rewriting established canon in order to further its storytelling.

With Young Sheldon sticking around for at least two more years, CBS isn't pressured to come up with an entirely new sitcom to replace The Big Bang Theory. That said, seeing people's continued interest in the original show, the network can very well be cooking another spinoff just to keep the series' loyal fanbase. There's no official word yet regarding this since focus is on wrapping up The Big Bang Theory in the most satisfying way. But once it's already off the air, there's a good chance that it won't take that long before talks for another spinoff begins.

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The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon air Thursday nights on CBS.

Source: Deadline

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