Young Sheldon Renewed for Season 2 at CBS

Young Sheldon is off to a roaring success. The fledgling spinoff wasted no time picking up a series order and has now been granted a second season with CBS.

The series enjoyed a stellar debut, opening with an astonishing 3.8 rating - and an impressive 17.2 million live and same day viewers -for its series premiere and stealing a hefty chunk of The Voice's viewership in the process. Young Sheldon was the first series to receive a full season order at CBS in September 2017, just a few short days after its incredible debut.

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Young Sheldon is now smashing it out of the park once again, being the first freshman series to be renewed for a second season, according to Deadline. This comes only two days after the show's return from hiatus. Young Sheldon's latest episode approached the series debut in terms of viewership, drawing in 16.17 million viewers. Young Sheldon's impressive performance has pushed it to number one in terms of new comedy series, and it is the number two comedy overall, behind only its progenitor The Big Bang Theory.

Thanks to its dedicated viewership, Young Sheldon now boasts the highest retention rate in television history, a fact that has not been lost on CBS. CBS President Kelly Kahl praised Young Sheldon for its influence on the network, crediting the show with having a "major impact" on the CBS schedule in such a short period of time. She was also quick to give the series credit for achieving its success entirely on its own merit. Kahl acknowledged that Young Sheldon retains its Big Bang Theory roots, but she applauded producers' efforts to set their own tone and stand apart from its mother series.

The series explores the trials and successes of 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, played by Iain Armitage, as the prodigy student attends high school. Given its incredible track record and strong critical reception, there's a good chance Young Sheldon's sophomore season will continue to impress. As Sheldon ages, fans could be granted stories exploring the cruelty and stress of high school (compounded with the awkwardness of being lightyears ahead of his peers) while also watching Sheldon blossom and become more confident in his capabilities - which would be quite a fitting storyline for a show working so hard to prove itself a worthy successor.

Then again, they don't call it the "Sophomore Slump" for nothing. All eyes will be on Young Sheldon to see whether or not the series will be able to replicate its initial success next season. Retaining viewership and increasing positive buzz will be more important to the series than ever before.

Young Sheldon airs Thursdays on CBS.

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Source: Deadline

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