Young Sheldon Lands a Full Season Order From CBS

Young Sheldon has already received a full season order from CBS. This announcement comes mere days after the series premiere episode aired, but in this case, it's hardly a surprising move. After all, Young Sheldon's debut scored big in the ratings, earning an impressive 3.8 in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 viewer demographic, and becoming the highest rated comedy premiere since short-lived Robin Williams sitcom The Crazy Ones debuted in fall 2013.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Young Sheldon will be able to maintain that high level of ratings performance, the odds are certainly in its favor, as future episodes will continue to air directly after its parent series The Big Bang Theory. Said episodes won't begin airing until November, but while that kind of long break between installments might hurt a show in most instances, Young Sheldon's association with Big Bang - the most popular comedy on TV - will likely insulate it against any such worries.

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As reported by THR, The Big Bang Theory will continue what has become its normal pattern since CBS acquired Thursday night NFL games, and hop from its current Monday slot back to its usual Thursday home on November 2. Young Sheldon will be following it on Thursdays, after having aired its series premiere this past Monday. Despite getting picked up for a full season, Young Sheldon will only run 22 episodes, instead of Big Bang's usual 24. Big Bang will also continue airing on Mondays until November, so it's likely that there may end up being a few Young Sheldon episodes that don't benefit from having a new Big Bang as a lead-in.

Montana Jordan as Georgie, Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon, Lance Barber as George, Sr, Zoe Perry as Mary and Raegan Revord as Missy in Young Sheldon

Much like its progenitor, Young Sheldon has gotten mixed reviews from critics, although it seems pretty clear that The Big Bang Theory franchise is critic-proof at this point. Some fans have been surprised by just how different Young Sheldon is from Big Bang, both in style of comedy, and format. The most obvious change is of course that Young Sheldon is a single-camera show, while Big Bang is a multi-camera sitcom shot in front of a live studio audience. Creator Chuck Lorre has said that this was partially done due to the spinoff starring children, who he figured would work better without the pressure of an audience watching.

Iain Armitage (Big Little Lies) is tasked with playing the 9-year-old version of Sheldon Cooper, while adult Sheldon actor Jim Parsons provides Wonder Years-esque voiceover narration. In a fun bit of meta casting, actress Zoe Perry portrays the younger version of Sheldon's mom Mary, a character originated by Perry's real-life mom Laurie Metcalf on Big Bang. With Young Sheldon, Lorre now has three different series currently running on CBS, with the Anna Faris-starring Mom being the third.

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Young Sheldon returns to CBS on Thursday, November 2.

Source: THR

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