Young Sheldon Created a Hilarious Big Bang Theory Continuity Problem

Montana Jordan as Georgie, Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon, Lance Barber as George, Sr, Zoe Perry as Mary and Raegan Revord as Missy in Young Sheldon

A simple casting mistake on Young Sheldon poses an interesting, yet funny continuity error in The Big Bang Theory.

A direct prequel to The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon features the childhood of the odd theoretical physicist that we all have a love and hate relationship with. Considering how much of his current quirks are supposedly rooted in his upbringing in Galveston, Texas, and the occasional appearance of his devout Baptist mother and his adorable meemaw, the premise already had potential to be a hit and proved to be just that. Just about halfway through its debut season, CBS has already ordered a sophomore outing for the spinoff.

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However, what looks like a straightforward prequel, apparently poses some continuity problems for its parent show. An eagle-eyed fan from Reddit with the username Rapscot pointed out that Sheldon's father, George Sr., played by Lance Barber, has already appeared in The Big Bang Theory in another role. As it turns out, in a season 5 episode titled "The Speckerman Recurrence," the same actor had the role of Leonard's not-so-nice classmate from high school named Jimmy Speckerman. What makes this trippier is that Sheldon was actually with his best friend, alongside Raj and Howard, during their run-in with the bully.

Considering that Sheldon's father died when he was just 14-year-old, it's highly impossible that someone like him with an eidetic memory did not notice Jimmy's uncanny resemblance to his dad. More so, it's unlikely that he wouldn't have any kind of reaction to seeing someone who looks so similar to his father given the trauma Sheldon had upon seeing his dad cheat on his mother when he was just 13.

Whether the shows will address this plot hole down the line or not remains to be seen. But fans appear to be not so bothered by the continuity error. If anything, most of them treat it as a fun bit, concocting their own theories as to how Sheldon's father was also Leonard's bully in high school. Some suggest that Young Sheldon is from an alternate reality while others are just plainly weirded by the casting choice made by CBS.

Meanwhile, The Big Theory continues its ongoing narrative with Sheldon and Amy still planning their wedding. But much like anything in the series, things don't necessarily go smooth sailing. As for Young Sheldon, the cracks of the Cooper marriage start to show as Mary, along with the twins move into Meemaw's house after she gets into a fight with George Sr.

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The Big Bang Theory airs every Thursday night, 8 pm, followed by Young Sheldon at 8:30 PM on CBS.

Source: Rapscot

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