Young Sheldon: Who Played The Big Bang Theory Cast As Children

Big Bang Theory Characters As Children in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon season 2's finale showed all The Big Bang Theory cast as young children. Here's who play young Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Amy in the prequel series.

Following The Big Bang Theory finale, season 2 of its prequel spinoff wrapped up. While the two series exist in the same reality, there were barely any narrative connection between them when Young Sheldon began (which initially created some strange plot holes). Things, however, were different with Young Sheldon season 2. Following the shows' unconventional crossover, not to mention the appearance of Tam (Sheldon's old friend from Texas) in The Big Bang TheoryYoung Sheldon honored the end of the long-running sitcom by having its season 2 finale connect to Amy and Sheldon winning the Nobel Prize with their friends.

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Titled "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast," Young Sheldon's season 2 finale saw the boy genius distraught after no one showed up to his Nobel Prize party - not even Mr. Sturgis. As he sat there listening to the announcement of winners, we hear old Sheldon recall how bad he felt that day and how lucky he is to never feel alone like that in the present time. The camera then revealed what the rest of his future friends were doing at that very exact moment.

Young Sheldon Season 2 Finale

It starts with a young Leonard in New Jersey, sitting on his desk with his inhaler in front of him. During this scene, we hear Beverly telling him to go to bed. Eight-year-old Leonard is played by Isaac Harger, who is best known for playing Max, DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure) middle son in Netflix's Fuller House.

We then get to a four-year-old Penny in Nebraska. Having no interest whatsoever in the Nobel, she's asleep in her very colorful room. Young Penny is portrayed by new child actress/model Quinn Aune.

The show went overseas to India thereafter to check up on nine-year-old Raj, played by Rishabh Prabhat, wearing his signature vest studying in his room.

Meanwhile, young Howard in Pasadena, California is engrossed with playing video games - and like Leonard, we hear Mrs. Wolowitz's familiar gravelly voice telling her son to go to sleep. Ethan Reed Stern, who is slated to appear in the drama short How To Be A Man, played the nine-year-old iteration of the character.

Howard's future wife Bernadette on the other hand, who's not too far from him in Yorba Linda, California, like Penny, was fast asleep. The five-year-old future microbiologist/pharmaceutical executive is portrayed by Aj Coggeshall.

And finally, there was eleven-year-old Amy in Glendale, California reading her favorite, Little House on the Prairie book. Young Amy is played by Lily Sanfelippo who appeared in a slew of TV projects such as Confessions of a Bitter(sweet) Actress, Criminal Minds and Golden State.

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As of now, there's no word about another The Big Bang Theory spin-off. Series co-creator Chuck Lorre revealed that a second one was recently scrapped, but CBS maintains that they're open to launching a new one whenever Lorre and his team come up with a great story. Young Sheldon's special button scene may seem like a simple homage to its parent show, but it can also act as a litmus test for a second prequel.

Indeed, although the appearances were brief, Young Sheldon did a great job casting kid versions of The Big Bang Theory cast. Story-wise, Howard's childhood has the most potential, especially with such an interesting mother, not to mention the lingering mystery of his father. The Big Bang Theory fans will just have to wait and see for a possible announcement in the coming months.

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Young Sheldon season 3 will premiere this fall.

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