The Young Pope is Getting a Sequel Titled The New Pope

The Young Pope is getting a sequel TV series titled The New Pope from returning creator, writer, and director Paolo Sorrentino.

Jude Law in the Young Pope

Fans of the English-language drama series from acclaimed Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino are in luck as a sequel to The Young Pope is officially on the way in the form of an all-new production, titled The New Pope. Previously starring Jude Law in the role of newly-appointed Roman Catholic Pope Pius XIII - who was formerly the Archbishop of New York in the series proper - The Young Pope garnered generally favorable reviews overall, and went on to draw the highest viewer ratings ever for TV SKY in Italy.

Featuring a multi-international cast and crew of key movers and shakers, The Young Pope has thus far consisted of ten beguiling and enigmatic episodes that have proven to be cinematically in keeping with the themes of and tones of Sorrentino's larger body of work. Even as the original production has managed to draw viewers in due to its captivating central performance from acclaimed English actor Jude Law, many might have been wondering what further plans Sorrentino might have for his latest enigmatic project - and the latest word has the Italian filmmaker hard at work on a sequel.

According to The Wrap, HBO has officially given the greenlight to The New Pope, a sequel limited series to The Young Pope set to be helmed by returning creator, writer, and director Sorrentino. The sequel production will be co-produced once more by HBO and Sky Atlantic, with a tentative release set for sometime in 2018.

Jude Law in The Young Pope

Following the premiere series that was as visually stunning as it was irreverent, The New Pope has quite the large pair of shoes to fill if it hopes to continue in the same vein as The Young Pope. As of now, there is no word as to whether or not any of the original cast will return, nor whether the new series will act as a prequel, sequel, or will even be set in the same world as the original production that aired stateside on HBO earlier this year.

Only time will tell whether or not The New Pope will prove to be as successful as its predecessor in terms of drawing a crowd to its own enigmatic aura, but with Sorrentino leading the charge the new series is sure to be unlike anything else on TV. In the meantime, here's to hoping for the very best as things continue to develop behind the scenes.

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Source: The Wrap

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