Cartoon Network's 'Young Justice' Gets Premiere Date, New Trailer

Robin, Arrowette, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy and Kid Flash of 'Young Justice'

Those of you waiting patiently for DC's latest animation adaptation won't have to wait much longer. After an hour-long sneak peak in November, Cartoon Network will debut Young Justice in its regular slot on Friday, January 7th at 7 PM. The channel's been running a short trailer to get fans excited, and it has a few new tidbits to tide you over until the premiere.

If you missed the movie event last month, Young Justice is a TV version of the comic of the same name. It will pick and choose heroes from the various DC teen-aged serials like Teen Titans (not to be confused with the more kid-friendly cartoon series).

The junior superheroes are working under the Justice League, functioning as a farm team and taking covert assignments from Batman. At the end of the sneak peak, the team included Robin, Kid Flash, a newly-cloned Superboy, Aqualad and Miss Martian. Speedy (Green Arrow's angsty sidekick) was seen briefly, but elected not to join the Justice League or the younger spin-off. Red Tornado serves as a live-in chaperone while Black Canary trains the youngsters in the arts of superhero chop-sockey.

The show breaks from the continuity of the previous Justice League cartoons and the comics they're based on. Various choices may raise the eyebrows of comic book fans, like the inclusion of the Dick Grayson version of Robin or a completely re-designed (and presumably new) Aqualad. The re-imagined mariner will lead the young team, instead of more historical choices like Robin or Superboy. The trailer gives a fleeting glance at Arrowette/Artemis, who looks to be Green Arrow's version of Batgirl. Even without a direct link to the DC Animated Universe, the show should feature plenty of appearances from Justice League regulars - something that Teen Titans was decidedly low on. I'm excited to see Red Tornado and Black Canary given expanded roles in the new series, since Justice League Unlimited was too diverse to give lesser-known characters much time to develop.

You can check out the new trailer here:

As a big fan of Bruce Timm's DCAU, I'm excited to see a proper successor to Justice League. Young Justice looks to keep the kid-pleasing yet adult-friendly formula going, without resorting to the goofy, anime-inspired antics of Teen Titans. The inclusion of voice acting veterans like Alan Tudyk, Phil LaMarr and Khary Payton means that the action should be topped with some quality acting - by cartoon standards, at least. The animation seems to be taking ques from recent DC direct-to-video work like Wonder Woman and Batman: Under the Red Hood; a very good thing, considering some of the more exaggerated designs from recent DCAU TV shows (see: Batman: The Brave and the Bold).. With the upcoming Green Lantern, superhero fans will soon have a variety of choices for animated action.

Young Justice will air Fridays at 7:00 on Cartoon Network starting January 7th.

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