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Young Justice Outsiders DC Universe

How and when can you watch the long-awaited third season of Young Justice? Though the first two seasons of the popular show aired on Cartoon Network, the series (now titled Young Justice: Outsiders) has moved to the DC Universe streaming service. Even knowing that, there is still some confusion as to when the new season airs as DC Universe releases its original programming in a manner more like that of a traditional broadcast network than a streaming service.

Originally centered upon a group of six teenage superheroes who were mentored by the Justice League, Young Justice saw the covert teen team expand their ranks substantially over its two-season run. The show became an unexpected hit with a diverse audience when it first aired in 2010 and, when it was canceled before the second season had finished airing, fans quickly began petitioning Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network to reconsider. Their efforts saw the show officially renewed in 2016 and now, a little over two years later, the first episodes of Young Justice season 3 are finally ready for broadcast.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is scheduled to premiere in the United States on Friday, January 4, 2019. It will be available exclusively through the DC Universe streaming service. The first 13 episodes of the season will be released in 3-episode blocks, with 3 episodes being released on January 4, January 11 and January 18 and 4 episodes being released on January 25. The second half of the season, made up of another 13 episodes, will air sometime in June, after the conclusion of the first season of DC Universe's new Doom Patrol series.

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Based on DC Universe's release schedule for Titans, fans can expect to see the new Young Justice episodes released at 6 am PST/9 am EST. At the present time, DC Universe is only available to subscribers in the United States and some associated territories, though the service is anticipated to make its way into Canada sometime in 2019. Subscriptions cost $7.99 per month, though an annual subscription of $74.99 per year offers a slight discount.

It is unclear precisely when Young Justice: Outsiders will be available to fans outside the United States, who cannot subscribe to DC Universe. However, it seems likely that Netflix will pick up the rights to air the new season, as they currently hold the international distribution rights to the first two seasons of Young Justice in many countries. Netflix has also recently picked up the rights to air DC Universe's first original live-action series, Titans, so the odds seem good they will continue to do the same for other exclusive DC Universe programs until the service becomes available globally.

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