Young Justice: Outsiders - 10 Questions From Episodes 1-3

Young Justice Outsiders Season 3 Questions For Episodes 1-3

Questions abound after the long-awaited arrival of the first three episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders. The highly anticipated third season of the beloved series has finally aired on DC Universe, following a massive fan campaign and years of petitioning. While the first three episodes answered many questions fans had regarding how the lives of their favorite heroes changed between season, there are other mysteries to consider.

As the new season opens, the remaining five founders of the Young Justice team have largely gone their separate ways. Artemis has seemingly retired from vigilantism whereas Nightwing is now operating as a lone agent. Miss Martian and Superboy are leading the rest of the Justice League's junior partners, with Kaldur - the former Aqualad - having taken up his mentor's mantle as Aquaman and a co-chair position as the Justice League's leader alongside Wonder Woman.

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Things take a turn for the worse for the Justice League and their young proteges in the two years that have passed since the finale of the second season, Young Justice: Invasion. The teams' ranks have grown, but they've found their efforts to help people hampered by a series of new regulations imposed by the United Nations. Perhaps not coincidentally, this occurred shortly after Lex Luthor became the Secretary-General of the UN. Though this is just a petty annoyance compared to the scourge of metahuman trafficking, which has become a major source of concern for the Justice League. Here are the biggest questions we have after watching the first three episodes of the new season.

10. Who Are All The New Justice League Recruits?

Young Justice Plastic Man Flash Batwoman Hardware Katana

Early on in the first episode, 'Princes All', we discover that the Justice League has expanded its ranks over the past two years, with Steel (John Henry Irons) arriving on the Watchtower and being designated as "36" by the teleportation system, which announces each member's number as they enter and exit the Watchtower. Later, Kaldur is revealed to be the 27th member of the Justice League.

When the second season ended, there were 26 official Justice League recruits, with the most recent being Zatanna (25) and Icon's partner, Rocket (26). In addition to Steel and Kaldur, we see Ice fighting alongside the Justice League team on Rann and Plastic Man, Batwoman, Hardware and Katana attending the team's meeting. Even with those five heroes and counting Adam Strange and Alanna (who are also seen on Rann) that still leaves a number of spaces between Kaldur at 27 and Steel at 36. So who are the yet-unspecified new Justice League members?

9. Are The Young Heroes Still Operating Out of Mount Justice?

As the Justice League is holding an emergency meeting on the Watchtower, we see Miss Martian and Superboy debriefing the teenage superheroes who are mentored by the various Justice League members, discussing their latest mission in another room. This seems somewhat strange, given that the team always held their meetings in a secondary base on Mount Justice during the first two seasons, only operating on the Watchtower in extreme circumstances. Given what we later learn about how highly regulated the Justice League's actions have become by the United Nations' Security Council over the past two years, one wonders if the teen sidekicks have been placed on a shorter leash and if their secret lair has been shut down.

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8. What Happened To Princess Tara of Markovia?

Young Justice Princess Tara of Markovia

A news report by Cat Grant notes that it has been two years since Princess Tara of Markovia was abducted without any ransom demands being made. Her brother, Prince Brion, believes she may have been abducted by the metahuman traffickers that are said to be operating out of Markovia. When Prince Brion discovers that he has tested positive for the metagene and there's a chance his sister was a potential metahuman as well, it prompts him to push his personal physician, Dr. Helga Jace, to see if there is a way he might develop superpowers as a means of finding his missing sister and creating a hero to protect his troubled nation.

Comic book fans may recognize Princess Tara as Terra - the earth-manipulating heroine who turned traitor on the Teen Titans in The Judas Contract. It remains to be seen if the Young Justice version of Princess Tara will meet a similarly sticky end. Either way, the search for the missing princess is sure to be a major part of the storyline of Young Justice: Outsiders.

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