Young Justice Season 3 Expected to Premiere in Late 2018

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It looks as if Young Justice season 3 will make its long-awaited premiere in the final stretch of 2018. Once upon a time, a fan-favorite show that was cancelled by a network was gone for good, but the modern era has been awash with revivals. Whether from the original network or new players like Netflix, fan campaigns to revive shows are no longer futile efforts. And when it comes to DC Comics adaptations that audiences have wanted to see return, there's been few higher on the list than Young Justice.

The Cartoon Network series ran for two seasons, turning the sidekicks of the Justice League into an elite black ops team caught up in an overarching plot. It was ambitiously written, making it all the more disappointing when it wasn't renewed. But that all changed when word came that a third season would in fact be made, with Young Justice joining Titans on DC's digital service. Along with the long-in-development live-action take on the Teen Titans, Young Justice will test the waters of a platform that could see many more comic characters brought to life in the coming years. Now, we have a better idea of just when the new season of the animated series will air.

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Responding to a fan who suggested Young Justice season 3 will air this time next year, series writer Greg Weisman replied that he only knew the window of time in which the show is set to return:

While Weisman doesn't offer a definitive date, he does confirm the show will come before the end of next year. Though that may be later than fans had hoped, it seems the series is taking a bit longer to produce than Titans (which is typical for an animated series). It seems that the as-yet-unnamed DC digital streaming service will kick off with Titans, which has already begun outfitting its cast with comic-accurate suits. So far, we've seen Robin's costume from Titans, as well as Hawk and Dove outfits on the show.

When it comes to the new season of Young Justice, which is subtitled Outsiders, the show will jump forward from the previous finale and the world engaging in meta-human trafficking. Young Justice has always dealt with surprisingly dark topics for an animated series aimed at kids, and it's clear the show's return won't be changing that.

Along with the more seasoned members of the team (and those who have moved up to the Justice League), we know some new faces will join the series. Young Justice season 3 concept art show at this year's San Diego Comic-Con teased the new additions to the team, including Traci Thirteen. Interestingly, The CW is developing a Traci Thirteen show, so it looks like DC has big plans for the character. The concept art also showed us the returning character's new costumes, but it's so far been the only glimpse we've had of season 3. With a timeframe locked in, however, we shouldn't have to wait much longer for more information about the show's return.

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Young Justice: Outsiders looks to premiere on DC's digital streaming service in late 2018.

Source: Greg Weisman

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