Young Justice: Outsiders - 15 Big Questions From The Part 1 Finale

The latest episodes of Young Justice introduced Cyborg and an enemy within. Here are the questions fans are pondering after the mid-season finale.

The final four episodes making up the first half of Young Justice: Outsiders resolved a number of the series' subplots, while still leaving ample avenues for exploration the when season continues in June. The secret of Halo's powers was resolved and Prince Brion's missing sister was finally located. The quartet of new episodes also presented a cliffhanger ending which suggests a classic comic book storyline will form the basis of the plot of the third season's second half.

The tenth episode, "Exceptional Human Beings," largely focused on Batman and his team as they investigated a League of Shadows base in Santa Prisca. The episode also introduced the character of Victor Stone, who had been referenced in a sports report earlier in the season. The eleventh episode, "Another Freak," saw Victor transformed forever, after an accident at his father's lab led to a horrific situation that will be well familiar to fans of the character. The episode also saw Halo and Forager starting their first day of school at Happy Harbor High.

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The twelfth episode, "Nightmare Monkeys," largely focused on Beast Boy, as he discovered the sinister secret of the popular Goode Goggles and wound up engaged in a psychic battle for his life. This episode also saw the Outsiders considering the ramifications of Halo's first day of school and the new powers that she manifested. The mid-season finale, "True Heroes," came full circle as the Outsiders ended the season as they began it, trying to take down another metahuman trafficking operation in a hostile nation. Here are all the questions we have now that the first half of Young Justice: Outsiders has come to its conclusion.

15. What Is The New Structure of The League Of Shadows?

Young Justice Deathstroke Slade Wilson Lady Shiva League Of Shadows

One question that has persisted throughout the early episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders is who is now running the League of Shadows. An answer was finally provided in the tenth episode "Exceptional Human Beings." Batman's raid on the island nation of Santa Prisca determined that Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) had taken over leadership of the infamous group of assassins, with Lady Shiva acting as the group's combat trainer. Additionally, Slade Wilson has taken on a command position as one of the seven leaders of The Light, while Lady Shiva is acting as that villainous union's chief enforcer.

14. Who Is Metamorpho?

Young Justice Metamorpho

Accompanying Batman and Katana on their mission into Santa Prisca was the hero Metamorpho. This episode marked the hero's first appearance on Young Justice, although he was featured on the first poster promoting the third season. Despite having been a DC Comics mainstay since 1965, Metamorpho is still a surprisingly obscure character, not well-known to casual fans of comic books and superheroes.

First appearing in The Brave and The Bold #57, Rex Mason was a soldier of fortune employed by Stagg Industries for a variety of odd jobs. When his boss, Simon Stagg, discovered that Mason had begun dating his beloved daughter, Sapphire, Stagg plotted to have Mason killed while on a mission to retrieve an artifact known as the Orb of Ra. Ambushed and exposed to the power of the Orb, Mason's body was transformed into an inhuman shape, granting him the power to change his body into any element or chemical compound. Both men were later surprised that Sapphire still loved Mason for the good man that he was, despite his freakish new appearance, though Mason still couldn't convince her to abandon her villainous father, despite Stagg's continual interference in their lives.

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13. What Is A Fatherbox?

Young Justice Steel John Henry Irons Fatherbox

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 10 sees Dr. Silas Stone at STAR Labs Detroit charged with investigating the mysteries of the Fatherbox - a piece of alien technology capable of tremendous things. Dr. Henry Irons (aka Steel) warns Dr. Stone that the Fatherbox possesses an intelligence that is "pretty much pure evil." Dr. Stone dismisses this warning, however, believing technology to be neither good nor evil. Sadly, the events of the following episodes prove him wrong, as his son falls victim to the Fatherbox's power.

The Apokoliptian equivalent of the Motherboxes of New Genesis, Fatherboxes are, as Steel said, sentient computers with evil personalities. Capable of repairing the advanced technology of the New Gods and healing the wounded, the Fatherboxes can also open Boom Tubes across time and space, act as telepathic translators and provide their handlers with a limited ability to manipulate matter, forces and energy around them. In the comics, one Fatherbox was specifically programmed to attempt to take over the body of the New God Orion and overwrite his mind and body, transforming him into a genetic and psychic clone of Darkseid.

12. What New Powers Did Halo Display?

Young Justice Forager Fred Bugg Halo Violet Harper Opens A Boom Tube

The rainbow of Halo's power collection was completed in the episode "Another Freak." It was here that Halo manifested an indigo aura and created a Boom Tube that took her to STAR Labs Detroit. It was here that she stopped the Fatherbox-possessed Victor Stone from killing his father. Instinctively, Halo was able to bathe Victor in some kind of light which seemed to shut down the Fatherbox's personality.

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The true nature of Halo's powers was later revealed in the episode "Nightmare Monkeys." It was here that Superboy theorized, after Forager's offhand comment about Halo opening a Boom Tube "as if Violet Harper was a Motherbox," that Halo's powers came from the soul of the disassembled Motherbox that he found in Bedlam's lab in Markovia. This explained why Halo had knowledge about New Genesis that she should not have had access to in "Rescue Op" and why Dr. Fate sensed that Halo was "an old soul in a very young body" in the episode "Private Security."  It also explained Halo's unique rapport with Sphere and why she was able to counter the Fatherbox's possession of Victor Stone. In essence, Halo is a living Motherbox possessing a human body, rather than a true metahuman.

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