• Young Justice: Outsiders' latest episode, "First Impression," has finally revealed its titular team of Outsiders. 1 / 12

    Young Justice Outsiders Season 3 Part 2 poster vertical
  • In the comics, Batman formed The Outsiders to fight covert battles the Justice League couldn't. 2 / 12

  • Many teams have been formed this season, but none claimed the Outsiders name until now. 3 / 12

    Young Justice Batman Nightwing Oracle Wonder Woman vertical
  • Until "First Impression," it was assumed the Outsiders were the new team formed by Nightwing. 4 / 12

    Geo Force Forager and Halo Young Justice vertical
  • The Outsiders are formed by Beast Boy, as a team of publicly operating teen superheroes. 5 / 12

    Young Justice Beast Boy Garfield Logan vertical
  • Beast Boy argues this team is needed to show metahuman teens aren't inherently dangerous 6 / 12

  • After the team's first battle, Beast Boy makes a press statement that names the team. 7 / 12

    Young Justice Outsiders Beast Boy Blue Beetle Kid Flash vertical
  • "We're definitely not playing by the insiders' rules. We can't. We are all outsiders." 8 / 12

    Young Justice Outsiders #WeAreAllOutsiders vertical
  • Ironically, this Outsiders team resembles the comic book Teen Titans than the DC Universe Titans. 9 / 12

  • Both teams have a skyscraper base and a goal of inspiring young people. 10 / 12

  • However, branding for Titans makes it unlikely we'll see a Titans team on Young Justice. 11 / 12

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