Young Justice: Outsiders Reveals [SPOILER] Is The Key To The Anti-Life Equation

Cyborg and Outsiders in Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 21, "Unknown Factors", reveals that one young hero holds the key to the Anti-Life Equation: Halo. This revelation came in a surprise post-credits scene and suggests that big things are already building for the Young Justice season 3 finale.

The Anti-Life Equation is an item of great power and the ultimate goal of Darkseid, ruler of the New Gods on the evil world of Apokolips. Created by legendary comics creator Jack Kirby as part of the mythology of his Fourth World line of comics, the precise nature of the Anti-Life Equation has never been defined and this has given way to many conflicting interpretations by the writers who utilized Kirby's characters after his death. However, it is generally believed that the Anti-Life Equation gives those who possess it the power to destroy free will in those who do not. This belief is based around the reoccurring themes of freedom vs. tyranny in Kirby's work and a line in The Forever People #5, which states that "if someone possesses absolute control over you, you're not really alive."

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Young Justice: Outsiders episode 21 sees Nightwing and Black Lightning attempting to break into the Hollywood mansion of sinister CEO Gretchen Goode, not knowing that she is truly the New God Granny Goodness. Unprepared and outgunned despite being armed with a Motherbox, the two heroes are quickly captured, leaving Aquaman and his lover, Wyynde, to try and rescue them. When Goode orders her personal electronic servant, Overlord, to destroy the Motherbox, its pain is felt by the Outsiders Victor "Cyborg" Stone and Violet "Halo" Harper, due to their powers being based around the technology of the New Gods and the proximity of the Outsiders' base to Goode's mansion.

Young Justice Outsiders Halo Heals Black Lightning and Nightwing

The revelation that Halo is somehow connected to the Anti-Life Equation comes as The Outsiders arrive in a Boom Tube to rescue everyone. Halo uses her healing aura to repair the damage dealt to the Motherbox and to cleanse her allies of Granny Goodness' influence, leaving Granny Goodness dumbstruck even before Halo begins to speak in a strange language which Granny identifies as "the tongue of the Old Gods." The final scene of the episode, which comes after the closing credits, sees Granny informing a hologram of Darkseid that she has located the Anti-Life Equation.

It was revealed in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7, "Evolution," that the only reason Darkseid joined forces with Vandal Savage and, eventually, the supervillain group known as The Light was because he believed that Earth's metahumans might lead him to the Anti-Life Equation. This belief seems to have been proven correct, though "Unknown Factors" does not make it immediately clear just how Halo is related to the Equation. It is no surprise that Halo might be connected, however, given her unique status as a bridge between humanity and the New Gods.

As earlier episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders have revealed, Halo's powers are the result of the soul of a dissected Motherbox attaching itself to a recently deceased woman. This created a totally unique being unlike anything else in the universe - an organic sentient with the powers of a Motherbox. Perhaps Granny Goodness believes that the creation of a new form of life may also serve as a source of Anti-Life? Or perhaps it is the mixture of the divine and the basic in a single being or a profane combination of the natural and the supernatural fused together. Whatever the case, it cannot bode well for Halo or her teammates that they have won the attention of the evil New Gods.

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