Young Justice: Outsiders - Our 12 Biggest Questions After The Finale

Young Justice Outsiders Finale Questions

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Young Justice season 3's finale.

The three-part season finale of Young Justice season 3 brought most of the series' subplots to a satisfying resolution, while simultaneously setting the stage for season 4. In many ways the Young Justice finale brought the events of the season full-circle, with the Justice League reuniting after breaking-up in the Young Justice season 3 premiere and the final battle taking place where the season's action opened, in the Royal Palace of Markovia.

Young Justice season 3, episode 24, "Into The Breach" picked up right where the cliffhanger ending of "Terminus" left off, as the Outsiders attempted to locate Granny Goodness' new base of operations on Earth, only to get drawn into a much larger rescue mission. The second part of the finale, episode 25, "Overwhelmed", proved to be the calm before the storm, as various members of the Team and the Outsiders reflected on the recent changes in their lives and tried to figure out where they belonged in a changing world. The final episode, "Nevermore", threw all the young heroes back into action, as they moved to stop the coup of Markovia initiated by a recently escaped Baron Bedlam.

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The ending of the season was far from happy for many of the main characters, with Halo and Geo-Force both facing heartbreak as their season-spanning romance fell apart. Still, the greater good was ultimately served, with Lex Luthor now ousted from his position in the United Nations and the metahuman trafficking operation that enslaved hundreds of teenagers broken-up. Yet there are still some questions that have been left unanswered by the Young Justice: Outsiders finale.

12. How Does Vic's Footage Prove Anything About Granny?

Young Justice Granny Goodness Gretchen Good Merge

Victor "Cyborg" Stone established himself as a power to be reckoned with during the events of episode 24, "Into The Breach". It was Victor's bond with a Apokolptian Father Box that allowed him to locate Granny Goodness' hideout on Earth, track her across the galaxy to her space-station, The Orphanage, and free Halo from the mind-control technology that made them into a conduit for the Anti-Life Equation. On top of those feats, he also captured the moment where Granny's avatar, Gretchen Goode, remerged with the New Gods' matron on video.

While Cyborg says that the footage he took will prove that Gretchen Goode was the criminal the Outsiders claimed she is, it's hard to see how that's the case. The New Gods are not a known threat to most people on Earth and there's nothing in a video showing two elderly women being drawn together by a weird energy blast to indicate that Granny Goodness was an intergalactic slave-trader kidnapping metahuman children from Earth. Indeed, as episode 25, "Overwhelmed", opened, a news report indicated that Goode World Studios was still denying the Outsiders' claims and insisting Cyborg's video was a hoax.

11. Did Lex Luthor Give Infinity Inc. Their Powers?

Young Justice Infinity Inc

Episode 24 confirmed that Lex Luthor was the power behind Infinity Inc. - a rival team of young superheroes, created to steal the Outsiders' thunder on social media. This was not much of a surprise to comics readers, as Lex Luthor sponsored his own superhero team called Infinity Inc. during the events of the year-long miniseries 52. This came after Luthor publicly claimed to have found a way to safely activate the metagene in anyone and started selling superpowers to the masses. This raises the question of whether or not Luthor created the three members of Infinity Inc. the same way he created the Genomorphs, or if he just recruited three young people who already had superpowers to work for him.

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10. What's The Deal With Halo's Rainbow Aura?

Young Justice Halo Rainbow Aura

Once freed from Granny Goodness' influence, Halo manifested a rainbow aura and was shown using multiple powers simultaneously. Previously, Halo's aura only manifested one color at a time and it always corresponded to whatever power was being utilized at the moment. This is somewhat similar to the powers of the seven Lantern Corps in the comics, which are drawn from an emotional spectrum that ties strong emotions to various colors, such as Red for Rage and Yellow for Fear. All of these powers are said to stem from one source - the White light of Life itself.

While Halo's powers do not have an emotional component and those powers do not correspond to the special abilities of the Lantern Corps in the comics, there does seem to be a spiritual connection of sorts between Halo's powers and the power of Life itself. Halo does represent a unique form of life, having been reborn after a Mother Box soul took refuge in a dead woman's body and resurrection is one of the unique powers of those rare individuals tapped to become a White Lantern. It's also worth noting that Halo was used to tap into the power of the Anti-Life Equation by robbing her of her free will, with Granny Goodness establishing the mathematical proof that Life minus Free Will equals Anti-Life. This would seem to suggest that Halo's powers are a manifestation of Life itself.

9. Is Wally West Truly Dead?

Young Justice Wally West Artemis Crock in Limbo

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 25, "Overwhelmed", sees Artemis Crock having an emotional breakdown after Will Harper prepared a romantic dinner for them and suggested that their friendship was developing into something stronger. Artemis felt conflicted, as she was still holding out hope that her fiancee, Wally West (who seemingly died during Young Justice's season 2 finale) might somehow return to life. This led Artemis to contact Zatanna and insist that her friend use her magic to work a spell that will let her talk to Wally's spirit and get the chance to say goodbye. This seemingly ended with Artemis traveling into Limbo and being allowed to be with Wally, briefly living out the life they dreamed of together, before Wally told her that he wanted her to live her life and be happy without him.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Zatanna didn't truly have the power to retrieve a soul from the afterlife. Instead, she used her talent for showmanship combined with Miss Martian's telepathy to create a psychic playground where Artemis subconsciously controlled everything she saw and worked through her issues on her own. This raises the question of whether or not Artemis' instincts are correct and Wally West really is still alive on another plane of existence, like the Speed Force.

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8. When Will M'Gann FINALLY Stop Lying To Her Friends?

Young Justice Artemis and M'Gann season 3

The revelation that M'Gann M'orzz used her telepathy to try and help Artemis work out her feelings for Wally West is something of a shock given the earlier events of season 3. A reoccurring theme throughout the series has centered around the ethics of telepathy and how Miss Martian had frequently made morally questionable choices in the name of the greater good. This led to a number of arguments between her and Superboy, who has very strong opinions about altering another person's mind and lying, after having his memories manipulated by the scientists who created him.

The conflict between M'Gann and Conner Kent led to the two of them breaking up between season 1 and season 2, after it was revealed that M'Gann tried to erase Conner's memories of their fighting, because she couldn't stand having him mad at her. The argument came up again in season 3, after Conner learned that M'Gann was part of a secret council of Justice League members who were coordinating with Batman and other splinter-group leaders in secret. While Conner and M'Gann eventually reconciled and agreed to continue their engagement in "Nevermore", one wonders how many more times M'Gann must learn this same lesson and what will happen if Artemis ever learns the truth about her last night with Wally West.

7. What Is The Galactic Conflict Metron Says Is Coming?

Young Justice Metron

A brief scene in episode 25, "Overwhelmed", showed the New God of Knowledge, Metron, abducting Halo and Cyborg while they were babysitting Lian Harper. Transporting the trio to an unknown point in deep space, Halo and Cyborg were horrified to find their voices altered, as they began to speak in the pings and drones of a Mother Box and Father Box, respectively. Metron was quick to assure them that they and Lian were quite safe and that he merely wished to tell them that he had come to accept them as his grandchildren.

While he was not impressed by Cyborg when he first met him in episode 20, "Quiet Conversations", Metron says that he reevaluated both Victor Stone and Violet Harper and came to respect them for their accomplishments as organic beings who merged with the technology he had created to evolve into something stronger. Before he returned them to Earth, Metron told the two young heroes that they had "become extremely important players in the coming galactic conflict." Clearly this will be part of the story of Young Justice season 4, but what exactly is this coming conflict that Metron is talking about?

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6. Why Is Lex Luthor Talking Like Donald Trump?

Young Justice Lex Luthor

When DC Comics' timeline was first rebooted in 1986, comic creator John Byrne decided to modernize the character of Lex Luthor and merge the two most popular public images of the character - the scheming land baron Gene Hackman portrayed in Superman: The Movie and the super-genius scientist of the Silver Age comics. The end result was a new Lex Luthor who had built a financial empire around his technological achievements, investing his finances in a wide variety of ventures. In this, Luthor was meant to criticize the "greed is good" zeitgeist of the era and act as a dark counterpart to Superman, as Lex sold his own twisted vision of what the American Way meant and put his name on everything he could.

Byrne later admitted that he had modeled the new Luthor on Donald J. Trump (via CBR), years before Trump got into politics. Young Justice initially made some subtle nods to this over the course of season 3, with Luthor using his position as UN Secretary General to line his pockets by promoting his businesses while attending to political affairs and calling the behavior of the Outsiders, "Sad. Very sad." The nods became less subtle in the season finale, with Luthor noting in episode 25 that there were "good people on both sides" of the Markovian conflict and dismissing the criminal charges pressed against him in episode 26 as "fake news."

5. Who Is Tod Donner?

Young Justice Tod Donner

Young Justice has introduced some fairly unknown characters from the comics into its reality, but news anchorman Tod Donner may be the most obscure one yet. Created as a parody of Nightline host Ted Koppel, Donner originally appeared in a few issues of the 1987 Captain Atom series. Amusingly, he is better recognized on-line for a cameo role in the Young Justice tie-in comic book.

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4. Who Is Zviad Baazovi?

Young Justice Zviad Baazovi and Geo-Force

Geo-Force is persuaded to seize the throne of Markovia for himself by Zviad Baazovi, Markovia's Ambassador to the United Nations. It is Baazovi who led a mob to the Royal Palace just in time to see Geo-Force murder Baron Bedlam and led them in cheering Brion's actions. It is later revealed, near the end of episode 26, "Nevermore", that Baazovi is a telepath with a gift for persuasion that lets him "nudge people toward their own worst impulses." Baazovi is also revealed to have taken the open seventh seat among the leadership of The Light.

In the original Outsiders' comics, Zviad Baazovi was the name of an agent known as The Bad Samaritan. Employed by the spy organization Checkmate, he came into conflict with the Outsiders on several occasions. The comic book version of Zviad Baazovi did not have any superpowers but did possess an extreme sensitivity to light that required him to wear sunglasses or specially treated contact lenses at all times.

3. Who Will Lead The Team Now?

Young Justice Season 3 Finale Justice League Reunited

Near the end of episode 26, Nightwing called a meeting at the Justice League's Watchtower, assembling nearly every active member of the Justice League, Outsiders, Batman Inc. and the Team. This gave their leaders a chance to reveal to everyone how they had secretly been working together for months after seemingly splitting up. It also gave Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Miss Martian the chance to formally resign from their leadership roles, due to how they had betrayed the trust of their teammates.

While Black Lightning is elected as the new Chair of the Justice League, it is unclear who will now be leading the Justice League's covert Team for teenage heroes. Ironically, nearly half the Team's current membership were involved in the scandal requiring a new leader be elected. Given that, the most likely candidate seems to be Tigress, who is the most experienced member of the Team who was not a part of Batman's secret war council.

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2. Who Is The Waitress At Bibbos?

Young Justice Mystery Waitress Saturn Girl

The final scene of "Nevermore" showed the founding members of The Team and their families getting together for a private party at Bibbo's diner in Metropolis. The assembled heroes were attended to by a blonde waitress, whose hair was tied back in a pony tail. The final shot of the episode was a close-up on the waitress' hand as she refilled M'Gann M'orzz's coffee cup, revealing that she was wearing the signature flight ring of the 30th Century Legion of Superheroes.

Precisely which member of the Legion this could be is unclear. The most likely suspect is Saturn Girl - a telepath from Saturn's moon, Titan, who is usually depicted as a blonde woman who keeps her hair in a pony tail. Saturn Girl was one of the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes and there's currently a subplot in the Doomsday Clock miniseries about her traveling back in time to the 21st Century. Another possibility is that the blonde woman is Supergirl, who has yet to be introduced into the reality of Young Justice and did travel forward in time to join the Legion of Superheroes in some versions of their history in the comics.

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1. What Could Bring The Legion Back To The 21st Century?

Young Justice Legion of Superheroes Ring on Waitress' Hand

The biggest question raised by the appearance of the woman with the Legion of Superheroes ring is just what prompted her to journey over 900 years into the past and how many other Legionnaires might have come with her. Time travel is not an easy thing to achieve in the DC Universe and the Legion of Superheroes only attempt it in the most dire circumstances. Clearly something big must be about to happen, and whatever it is will almost certainly be a major part of the story of Young Justice season 4.

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