Young Justice Season 3 Has Already Recorded Multiple Episodes

Fans of Young Justice can now rejoice, as the third season is not only moving forward but getting closer to completing production. When Young Justice premiered on the Cartoon Network back in 2010, it took the superhero world by storm. The show was not only hailed as one of the best animated projects to date, but one of the best superhero TV shows ever. Thanks to nuanced storytelling, lots of character development, and an overarching plot, the show managed to craft a number of powerful and mature episodes. Along the way, it also delivered plenty of action and lots of DC heroes and villains.

After just two seasons, however, the show was cancelled and fans immediately began petitioning for the return of the series. Despite the creators and voice actors fanning those flames, nothing official was heard until late last year. The announcement took many by surprise, with word that season 3 of Young Justice, dubbed Outsiders, would be coming soon in some format. Since that time, we've learned that the show and Titans will be debuting on DC's upcoming digital streaming service. Now, it looks as if the show is a good deal into production.

A Twitter user attending Awesome Con nabbed some footage of Young Justice voice actor Nolan North discussing the new season. North, who plays Superboy on the show, revealed that he had just finished recording episode 5 of the series, indicating the show is well into production at the point.

At #AwesomeCon, @nolan_north revealed they've recorded five episodes of #YoungJusticeOutsiders so far. #YoungJustice

— Young Justice Wiki (@YJWiki) June 20, 2017

We heard back in April that Aqualad actor Khary Payton had begun recording, so it's hard to tell exactly how slow or fast the production is moving. It's also unknown how many episodes the new season will have. Previous seasons had 23 each, so if the new one sticks to that model, there's still some work left to go. So far, there's no release date for the show, other than word that it's coming next year. With production in full swing, however, we could learn more soon.

We know the new season will deal with metahuman trafficking, meaning even darker stories than before. It also means we could see a number of new DC characters arrive on the show. Like Justice League UnlimitedYoung Justice hasn't been shy about pulling heroes and villains from the page to the screen. Likely, that will continue in the upcoming season.

With Comic-Con just around the corner, there's a good chance we'll know more about the show soon. In fact, we may even get a teaser, so stay tuned for all things Young Justice.

Young Justice: Outsiders premiers on DC’s digital service in 2018.

Source: Twitter

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