Young Justice: Outsiders - Our 6 Biggest Questions After Episode 22

Beast Boy and Deathstroke in Young Justice Outsiders

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 22, "Antisocial Pathologies", sees several of the season's subplots suddenly accelerate, as a number of secrets are exposed. The irony of the season is that even as the leaders of the supervillain union known as The Light have begun working against each other, so too have the leaders of the Justice League been scheming behind their teammates' backs.

The biggest revelation of "Antisocial Pathologies" comes when it's revealed that Batman has been secretly organizing the activities of The Team and The Outsiders, despite having publicly resigned from the Justice League. This comes as a shock to Black Lighting, who had been intentionally trying to free himself from the influence of Batman and the Justice League. It's also a major blow to Beast Boy, who discovers just how badly he'd been manipulated by Batman's efforts to promote the Outsiders' mission with several staged events meant to boost their public profile.

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Things are similarly tense among the leaders of The Light, as Ultra-Humanite and Gretchen Goode argue over who has the right to take custody of Halo. whose unique powers maker her desirable to both villains for different reasons. At the same time, Deathstroke has his own agenda that has him keeping secrets from his allies and Vandal Savage seems to have concluded that his centuries-old bargain with Darkseid might have been a mistake. Here are all the questions demanding answers after the end of Young Justice: Outsiders episode 22, "Antisocial Pathologies".

6.  How Many Hero Identities Does The Light Know?

Young Justice Outsiders The Light Season 3

As "Antisocial Pathologies" opens, Gretchen Goode speaks to the rest of The Light's leadership of how a random assortment of superheroes came to the rescue of "Grayson, Pierce, and Motherbox" during the events of episode 21, " Unknown Factors". This leads them to the conclusion that there is a greater degree of coordination between the various superhero teams than is publicly known, with members of The Outsiders and The Team having shown up to rescue Justice League leader Aquaman after he showed up to rescue the publicly independent Nightwing and Black Lightning. The fact that the villains now know that the heroes are dividing and conquering is so surprising one might almost not notice that Goode refers to Nightwing and Black Lightning by their last names.

This raises a red flag as well as the question: how many other superhero secret identities The Light is aware of? If The Light knows that Dick Grayson is Nightwing, it's almost certain that they know that Bruce Wayne is Batman. And if The Light has somehow discovered the most heavily guarded secret identity in the world (possibly through the Starro-Tech used to take control of the Justice League in the season 1 finale) then they could potentially know who every member of the Justice League is.

5. What Does Vandal Savage Know Of Darkseid's Plans?

Young Justice Darkseid and Vandal Savage

Near the end of "Antisocial Pathologies", the leadership of The Light (save Gretchen Goode) meet again and discuss the altercation between the Ultra-Humanite and Goode regarding who would take possession of the captive Halo. Vandal Savage remains passive as Ultra-Humanite describes how easily Goode was able to take control of Dr. Helga Jace's mind using Halo as a key to the Anti-Life Equation. However, it's not until Ultra-Humanite actually speaks the phrase "Anti-Life Equation" and says that it will break the balance of power in the galaxy that Savage reacts, accidentally snapping his tablet in half as he reflexively tenses up.

It's clear that Savage knows more than he's willing to share about Darkseid's plans and the Anti-Life Equation itself. This is no surprise as Savage has been The Light's primary contact with Darkseid after communicating with the New God tyrant for centuries. Still, the questions remain: how much does Savage know, how long as he known it, and what was his plan for getting humanity out from under Darkseid's thumb before Darkseid discovered the Anti-Life Equation? It's impossible to believe Savage wouldn't have a plan, because while the immortal caveman is arrogant he is also not foolish enough to underestimate Darkseid.

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4. Why Is Deathstroke Working Against The Light?

Young Justice Slade Wilson Deathstroke

Early on in episode 22, Deathstroke gives Terra a disk that will counteract the effects of the Starro-Tech that Dr. Helga Jace tries to use to take control of Terra, Geo-Force, and Halo. This enables Terra to remain free and to later free her brother when Gretchen Goode reveals her plans for Halo, and Dr. Jace reveals her plans for the Markovs. When The Light leadership meet for the second time near the end of the episode, Deathstroke tells his allies that he gave Terra the disk so that she could break free of the mind-control technology, because she's too valuable as a spy to be given up to satisfy the delusions of Ultra-Humanite's underling.

Deathstroke's interference ultimately did prove beneficial to The Light, despite the freed Terra and Geo-Force not being able to stop Gretchen Goode from escaping with Halo. Yet it seems that Deathstroke has his own agenda and his own reasons for keeping Terra among the Outsiders. So what is Slade's game? Is he about to turn the League of Shadows upon The Light? And could he still be working under the direction of Ra's Al Ghul, who claimed to have left both The Light and the League of Assassins while still maintaining his own private army for some secret purpose?

3. Will The Outsiders Truly Become Outsiders?

Young Justice Kid Flash Blue Beetle Static Beast Boy Geo-Force Wonder Girl Outsiders

Out of all the heroes who are shaken by the revelation that Batman had created a "secret society of superheroes" that was coordinating the activities of all of Earth's superhero teams, few take it harder than the Outsiders team leader, Garfield "Beast Boy" Logan. Beyond being left to wonder how much of his success was truly his own, Beast Boy is hurt by the revelation that his adopted older sister, Ms. Martian, would lie to him and be party to faking a kidnapping in order to give the Outsiders some much-needed good press. With his faith in his elders shaken, will Beast Boy lead the Outsiders into truly becoming a team of vigilantes operating outside the law?

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2. Will Black Lightning Expose The Justice League?

Young Justice Jefferson Pierce and Batman

The only hero left more disillusioned by the revelations of "Antisocial Pathologies" than Beast Boy is Black Lightning. Aside from being manipulated by Nightwing into joining a team that was part of Batman Inc. in everything but name, Jefferson Pierce discovered that his girlfriend, Dr. Helga Jace, had only been using him to try and stay close to Geo-Force and Halo, whom she had come to misguidedly view as her children. Near the end of the episode, Pierce leaves the Outsiders' headquarters and tells the rest of the heroes present not to follow him. Given the high importance Pierce places on his personal honor and honesty, could this goad him into exposing the deception of the Justice League to the world at large?

1. Why Are There Two Grannies?

Young Justice Outsiders Granny Goodness Gretchen Goode Halo

The penultimate scene of the episode shows Gretchen Goode presenting the captive Halo to the New God Granny Goodness in Granny's personal space-station, The Orphanage. This scene explained a cryptic answer given by the New God of Knowledge Metron in "Quiet Conversations". When Black Lightning asked if Metron's Granny was the same person as Gretchen Goode, Metron replied "No. And yes."

This point still might be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with the mythology of the New Gods and the idea that the New Gods inhabit another dimension that is far larger in scope than the material world of the DC Multiverse. The technology of a Mother Box can allow the New Gods to shrink themselves to travel into a material plane or allow mortals to be transmuted into a form that can survive in the worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips. Without this technology, however, a New God can only manifest in the material world through a specially prepared host body.

This idea is not unique to Young Justice: Outsiders, having been explored in depth in Grant Morrison's Death of the New Gods and Final Crisis. These stories saw Darkseid's minions preparing the way for his arrival on Earth by turning Metropolis police detective Dan Turpin into a host. The heroine Mary Marvel was likewise turned into a host for Darkseid's torturer, Desaad; Darkseid's son, Kalibak, took possession of the cloned body of a humanoid tiger. It remains to be seen if Gretchen Goode is some form of simulacrum or some poor unfortunate soul altered into the likeness of Granny Goodness.

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