Young Justice Season 3 Concept Art Revealed at Comic-Con

New concept art from Young Justice season 3 has just been unveiled at Comic-Con, showing off the team's new costumes and some brand new heroes from the comics. After years off the air that were filled with fan campaigns to bring back the hit show, Young Justice will finally be getting a third season next year. Dubbed Outsiders, the new episodes will focus on the team grappling with metahuman trafficking, continuing the series' blend of superheroics and mature, real world issues. So far, the new season is well into production yet details have been scarce.

We know that, along with the live-action series Titans, the third season of Young Justice will premiere on the new DC digital streaming service. If both TV shows are successful, we could see more content arrive that adapts various characters from the page. In the meantime, this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con is bringing with it all sorts of news from the comic book TV and movie world - including details on the new season of Young Justice.

During a panel for Young Justice, a Twitter user was able to get pictures of concept art for the new season of the show. Along with an updated logo and tagline, the two pieces of art show off the new costumes for the core team along with some new characters:

Oh yeah... #YoungJustice

— GDC (@GeekDelCine) July 21, 2017

For the original team, we see new looks for Robin (Tim Drake), Kid Flash (Bart Allen), Static, and Beast Boy, while Arsenal, Blue Beetle, and Wonder Girl look about the same as they did in the last season. As this is concept art, we could see all of these outfits change, but it's exciting nonetheless. It's also not clear if this will be the core team in the new season or just a batch of characters the creators wanted to show off.

Meanwhile, the second piece of art introduces some new characters. On the left we have Arrowette, a young archer from the comics with ties to the Young Justice team. Interestingly, a lot of her traits were used in the show for Artemis, who has since become Tigress. The character in the middle is Traci Thirteen, daughter of Dr. Thirteen, as has been confirmed now by CBR. And on the right, is fan-favorite Spoiler—who looks to have joined the team after a cameo last season.

In the comics, Stephanie Brown is the daughter of the supervillain Cluemaster and has long worked with Batman and company as Spoiler. She even spent time as Batgirl, though it didn't last. The character also already had a small role in season 2 of Young Justice, which is why she's one of the characters we've been hoping to see in season 3.

Hopefully, the rest of the weekend will bring more images and info about the third season of Young Justice. If we're lucky, maybe even a teaser trailer will emerge. Until then, stay tuned for all things SDCC and Young Justice.

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Source: Twitter, CBR

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