Young Justice Season 3: Aqualad Voice Actor Confirms Return

Young Justice Aqualad

Marvel may have the market on live-action Netflix series, with ratings blockbusters like Luke Cage and Daredevil, but DC Comics is about to roll-in to the streaming giant and flex their muscle by bringing back a huge fan favorite animated series. Young Justice is having a rare Family Guy style rebirth (the show was cancelled from 2001-2004), thanks to the persistence and dedication of the fans and showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti.

We don't have a lot of information about Young Justice season three, other than the announcement and a lot of fan anticipation. Recently, the actor that portrays one of the main characters on the series confirmed that he will be returning.

The voice of Aqualad, Khary Payton, recently confirmed to Comic Book that he will be enthusiastically returning to the role. You may recognize the name Khary Payton from his prolific work in DC Comics animation and now in live-action as the very endearing King Ezekiel on season seven of The Walking Dead. He is probably best known as the voice of Cyborg in Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!Justice League Action, DC Super Hero Girls and a few of the Batman Lego Movies.

Fans of The Walking Dead have no need to be concerned about any conflict of schedule. The nice thing about streaming media is that the shows don't necessarily run on the typical recording schedules, instead releasing at various times throughout the year. As such, it's quite likely that Payton could manage both jobs, if King Ezekiel is to survive the coming battle with the bat-wielding Negan and his Saviors.

Young Justice

Young Justice left the fans with some cliffhangers and a lot of aftermath when the second season (titled Young Justice: Invasion) came to a close back in 2013. The show will most likely give us another time jump, just like we had between seasons one and two, which will allow the writers to quickly change and progress (and possibly eliminate) the characters as needed. Payton may be excited about getting back to Young Justice, but that doesn't mean all of the previous voice actors won't be otherwise occupied.

Young Justice: Invasion also saw Zatanna's father, Zatara, allow himself to become the new Dr. Fate. We have no idea if Fate will ever release Zatara or if he will remain the host for the legendary character. We also don't know how the aftermath of the death of Kid Flash will affect the characters. We already know that Artemis will be dealing with some of her issues, abandoning her persona for that of Tigress. Tigress is best known as a DC Universe villain. We also know from the final moments of the season two finale that the immortal villain, Vandal Savage is plotting something wicked with the ultimate DC Universe baddie, Darkseid. Anything that Darkseid is planning will likely require more assistance from the Justice League. How much, if any, Justice League will we see in season three? These and so many other questions loom as fans anxiously await the big comeback.

There has been no release date yet confirmed by Netflix for Young Justice season three.

Source: Comic Book

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