Young Justice Recap: 8 Biggest Questions Going Into Season 3


With new episodes of Young Justice poised to start airing on DC Universe soon, many fans are wondering what mysteries will be explored by season 3. Young Justice season 2 ended with several major cliffhangers which were left unresolved after the show was unceremoniously canceled by Cartoon Network. There are also a number of questions about the new season that have been raised by the early previews of the first episode.

First airing in 2010, Young Justice centered upon six teenage superheroes, who formed an organized team under the tutelage of their mentors in the Justice League. This team, which was never given a formal name, largely acted in a covert capacity, tackling those missions which the Justice League could not handle openly. The show proved popular and became a smash-hit but was unexpectedly cancelled in 2013. Reportedly, this was because while the show was a hit with adults and young girls, it wasn't as well-loved by the young boys whom the show was meant to sell action figures to.

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Thankfully, a devoted fan movement convinced Warner Bros. that a mistake had been made and production began on Young Justice season 3 in late 2016. It's said that the new season will be much darker in tone than the first two, presumably to further emphasize the series' standing as a sophisticated anime for older viewers, though just how dark things will get remains to be seen. Beyond that, here are eight of the biggest questions fans hope to see answered in the long-awaited Young Justice season 3.

8. How Far In The Future Does Season 3 Take Place?

Young Justice Delta Squad Defeats Clayface in Season One Premire

Fans were stunned when "Happy New Year" - the Young Justice season 2 premiere - originally aired. The episode opened with Superboy fighting Clayface in the sewers of Gotham City. He was quickly joined by Miss Martian, who was clad in a different uniform than she had worn in season 1. Eventually it was revealed (after the arrival of new team members Beast Boy, Blue Beetle, Bumblebee and a Robin that was not Dick Grayson) that five years had passed in-universe since the first season finale, "Auld Acquaintance." It is known that there will be a similar time skip between season 2 and season 3, with many changes to the team's roster (including former Aqualad Kaldur becoming the new Aquaman) but it remains to be seen just how long a skip it will be.

7. Will Barbara Gordon Be Paralyzed?

Young Justice Batgirl Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon appeared in the first season of Young Justice as a classmate of Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock at the prestigious Gotham Academy. Young Justice season 2 saw her taking on the identity of Batgirl and fighting alongside Dick Grayson, who had taken up the identity of Nightwing. The first preview for Young Justice's season 3 depicted the two working together again, with Dick in the field as Nightwing and Barbara offering him technical support as Oracle.

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We only hear Barbara's voice in the brief clip from "Bedlam" so there is no indication that she is confined to a wheelchair, as she was in the comics after assuming the Oracle identity. While it seems unlikely she would become Oracle in the reality of Young Justice unless there had been some kind of incident like that depicted in The Killing Joke, the recent DC Rebirth comics have seen Barbara Gordon balancing the mantles of both Batgirl and Oracle. While Young Justice has largely based itself off of the pre-New 52 DC Comics universe, there is no reason why it couldn't draw upon the more recent material in regards to Barbara Gordon.

6. How Did Jason Todd Die In This Reality?

Young Justice Jason Todd Memorial

The Young Justice season 2 episode "Satisfaction" revealed that the team's base in Happy Harbor had a holographic statue garden of fallen heroes, contained in an underground grotto. Among these memorials was a statue of Jason Todd - the second Robin. It was revealed that Todd had taken on Dick Grayson's mantle and been replaced by Tim Drake within the five year break between season 1 and season 2. While it is assumed that Jason Todd died at the hands of The Joker (as in the comic book storyline A Death In The Family) the show has yet to discuss the circumstances of Jason's death or any aspect of his time as Robin beyond the fact that he existed.

5. What Is The Current Status of Nabu And Zatara?

Young Justice Zatanna and Zatara

Young Justice season 1 saw the team recover the Helmet of Fate - a magical artifact which housed the spirit of the Lord of Order, Nabu. After Nabu attempted to claim several members of the team as hosts, the magical hero Giovanni Zatara agreed to become Nabu's permanent host in order to save his daughter, Zatanna, from being enslaved by Nabu's will. Since the season 1 episode "Misplaced", Zatara has acted as the new Doctor Fate, with Nabu agreeing to honor Zatara's responsibilities as a member of the Justice League. Even with this bargain having been achieved, it still seems odd that the World's Finest heroes would be willing to leave one of their allies at the mercy of a magical symbiote and that no effort has been made to free their friend from Nabu's control.

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