Young Justice: Outsiders Trailer Reunites The Team In Comic-Con First Look

The first trailer for Young Justice: Outsiders has arrived along with a Comic-Con 2018 exclusive poster. After just two seasons, the DC animated series Young Justice was abruptly cancelled. The decision meant that a few major story threads set up at the end of the second season would go unresolved. That is, until DC revived the show to launch on their digital service, DC Universe. Ever since, there's been excitement from fans of the series to see what is coming next.

Information on the third season has been scarce throughout the making of the episodes, but now that San Diego Comic-Con is happening, it's time for some info. Some recently released art from Outsiders confirmed Darkseid will be a major factor in the next story. And now, everyone can get a peek at what is in store with the first trailer.

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EW (via MovieAccessTrailers) debuted the first look at Young Justice: Outsiders following the world premiere during the show's SDCC panel this morning. The trailer starts with a recap of season 2, before giving a montage of events for Outsiders. New and returning characters are featured as the metahuman trafficking story is teased. DC also officially released the art that previously leaked as the first poster.

Since it's been five years since Young Justice last aired, starting off the trailer with a refresher on the last events is a smart move. For anyone who isn't up to date on the show, the premise heading into season 3 is easily accessible. But, for longtime fans of the series, it brings back the heartbreak. That is where the actual Outsiders footage kicks in, as Artemis is seen still adjusting to life without Wally West. He is nowhere to be seen in the trailer, so that mystery still remains.

The metahuman trafficking plot brings Artemis aka Tigris, Nightwing, and Superboy back together to investigate what is going on in Markovia. It is there that we start to get introduced to some of the new characters, most notably Brion Markov (Troy Baker). He's the prince of Markovia and tests positive for the meta-gene, making him a prime suspect for these abductions - just like his sister. The trailer ends with a quick cutting montage of several heroes both familiar and new. Major DC heroes like Batman and Shazam can be seen, as well as teases of returning Young Justice characters like Static Shock and new additions like Katana. There's a lot in there and it's just the beginning. Unfortunately, the show isn't coming back till next year, so more details and footage will have to wait.

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Source: EW

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