Young Justice: Outsiders - The Members Of Season 3's 6 Hero Teams

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The Outsiders

The chief focus of Young Justice: Outsiders, this team was formed following a covert mission organized by Nightwing to go after a metahuman trafficking ring in the nation of Markovia. His hand-picked team came back larger, as they took on the exiled Markovian prince Brion, an amnesiac young refugee dubbed Halo and the outcast bug-boy Forager.

  • Nightwing (Dick Grayson) - The first protege of Batman, Nightwing tried to go solo but found himself drawn back into the role of team leader.
  • Superboy (Conner Kent) - Originally an imperfect clone of Superman, Conner Kent has built a life of his own, working as a mechanic in Happy Harbor. He recently became engaged to Miss Martian.
  • Tigress (Artemis Crock) - Rejecting the teachings of her assassin parents, Artemis fought against them and their allies - first as Green Arrow's sidekick and now as master combatant Tigress.
  • Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce) - Resigning from the Justice League after accidentally killing a child metahuman soldier, Black Lightning has found a renewed sense of purpose fighting metahuman trafficking as one of the Outsiders.
  • GeoForce (Prince Brion of Markovia) - The youngest son of the Markovian royal family, Prince Brion activated his metagene in a bid to save his country from a military coup led by his uncle. Possessing the power to manipulate the earth around him, Prince Brion's chief goal in joining the Outsiders is to find his missing sister, who he believes was kidnapped by the League of Shadows.
  • Halo (Violet) - A refugee who found work as a servant in the Markvoian palace, this "halo-girl" became someone else after her apparent death. Forsaking her life before her rebirth, she answers to the name Violet in private and goes by Halo in the field. She is still working to understand her strange light-based powers, which allow her to fly, heal, create force-fields, fire laser blasts and create illusions.
  • Forager - One of the bug people of New Genesis, Forager was cast out from his hive due to his efforts to try and bring peace between the New Gods and his people. He has found a new hive among the Outsiders.
  • Oracle (Barbara Gordon) - The former Batgirl continues to fight crime remotely, acting as a coordinator between all six of the hero teams. Currently dating Nightwing.

The Team

Young Justice Static Thirteen Blue Beetle Kid Flash Wonder Girl Miss Martian

Originally made up of the teen proteges of various Justice League members, this group of young heroes was never given an official title like Teen Titans and is usually just called The Team. Their ranks were also diminished by the recent split, though not so severely as the core Justice League.

  • Miss Martian (M'gann M'orzz) - The protege of Martian Manhunter and one of the original six sidekicks, M'gann now acts as a field leader to the other teen superheroes on the Justice League. She recently became engaged to Superboy.
  • Static (Virgil Hawkins) - The protege of Black Lightning, Static has remained with the Justice League despite his mentor's quitting the team. The victim of an experiment by the alien Reach, Virgil gained the power to manipulate electricity.
  • Thirteen (Traci Thurston) - The protege of Zatanna, Thirteen has magical luck-related powers she is still learning to control. She is currently dating Blue Beetle.
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) - Bonded to an alien scarab, which gives him access to a sentient suit of armor that adapts to almost any situation, Jaime Reyes is finally finding his footing as the second Blue Beetle. He is currently dating Thirteen.
  • Kid Flash (Bart Allen) - The protege of The Flash and Barry Allen's grandson from the future, he adopted the mantle of Kid Flash to honor the fallen Wally West.
  • Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark) - The protege of Wonder Woman, Cassandra is a daughter of the Greek god Zeus and blessed by certain godly gifts and trained in Amazonian combat techniques. She is in a relationship with Robin, but it has become strained since he quit the Justice League to lead his own team.

Robin's Squad

Young Justice Outsiders Arrowette Spoiler Robin

Led by Robin and largely made up of the teen sidekicks of other Justice League members who resigned from the team, this group of non-powered but highly trained teen heroes utilize stealth, combat training and advanced technology in the battle against metahuman trafficking.

  • Robin (Tim Drake) - The third hero to bear the Robin mantle, Tim may be the smartest sidekick Batman ever had. He is currently in a relationship with Wonder Girl, but it remains to be seen if it can survive the strain between the two that has arisen since Tim quit the Justice League.
  • The Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) - A one-time kidnapping victim in the second season episode "Before The Dawn," Stephanie Brown has since then begun training with Batman as The Spoiler. Though her background on the show has yet to be revealed, in the comics Stephanie was the daughter of a C-list supervillain called Cluemaster and Stephanie became a masked hero to "spoil" his crimes.
  • Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones) - First appearing in the first season episode "Insecurity," a young Cissie once witnessed her father being saved from an assassination attempt by Green Arrow and Artemis. This seemingly inspired her to begin training with the bow, becoming a hero in her own right as Arrowette. Though her background on the show has yet to be revealed, show-runner Greg Wiesman once confirmed that Cissie's mother, who briefly fought crime as Miss Arrowette in the comics, did the same thing in the reality of Young Justice: Outsiders.
  • Orphan (Cassandra Cain) - In the comics, Cassandra was the daughter of assassin David Cain, who raised her from birth to be a killer, teaching her no language except violence. Despite this, she rejected her father's teachings and was adopted by Batman, who took advantage of her amazing capacity for reading body language to retrain her to save lives. Presumably her background on the show mirrors this.

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