Young Justice: Outsiders Second Half Trailer Has Got You Covered

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A trailer has been released for the second half of DC superhero cartoon Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the overall Young Justice series. Taking place separately from the other DC continuities on Earth-16, the series follows a number of teenage superhero sidekicks who form their own group after being denied full membership in the Justice League, as they train to become heroes in their own right and battle the machinations of a team of supervillains called the Light.

The team initially consisted of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Artemis, Superboy and Miss Martian, and were joined later on by Red Arrow, Zatanna and Rocket. Although the outfit was unsanctioned to begin with, it was soon realized that the team could operate at a different level than the Justice League, undertaking covert missions that the A-listers’ high visibility would preclude them from participating in. A time skip between each season allowed the teenage characters to mature, and also altered the team’s ever-changing roster, bringing in the likes of Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Static, Halo, Cyborg and Terra, while the series played host to a plethora of cameos by minor DC characters.

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The trailer, posted on the DC YouTube channel, doesn’t reveal much in the way of plot points, but it highlights the teamwork of the heroes, with various characters uttering a refrain of “Got you covered” during intense combat sequences. The kinetic thirty seconds manages to cram in Young Justice team members Beast Boy, Impulse, Geo-Force, and Wonder Girl; Justice League members Wonder Woman, Ice, Black Lightning and Superman; and Apokolips villain Granny Goodness.

Young Justice initially ran for two seasons on Cartoon Network, airing 46 episodes from late 2010 to early 2013. It was cancelled when its main source of funding, a corresponding Mattel toy line, was pulled due to the toys not selling enough, and the show was replaced in Cartoon Network’s lineup with Teen Titans Go! Due to the show’s continuing popularity when it began streaming on Netflix in February 2016, a third season was considered viable after all, being officially announced in November 2016 and finally airing on DC Universe in January 2019.

The most likely outcome from the trailer is the phrase “Got you covered” forever sounding a little jarring whenever it’s heard in an episode, now that its ubiquity has been pointed out. Although the trailer doesn’t specify much about the story, it'll continue (and most likely conclude) the plot involving the trafficking of metahumans undertaken by various Earth nations and alien races attempting to weaponize humanity for their own militaristic ends. There's also the possibility of some involvement of Darkseid, who has appeared only very briefly in the series. This is partly from Granny Goodness being one of his lieutenants, and also a potential clue given by the episode titles of the season, the first letter of each of which taken in order spells out “Release the Anti-Life Equation.” This is a formula sought by Darkseid that affords utter mental domination over the minds of all sentient beings by revealing to them the futility of hope, and could well provide the heroes of Young Justice: Outsiders their greatest challenge yet.

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