Young Justice: Outsiders - 14 Big Questions From Episodes 7-9

Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation

9. What Is The Anti-Life Equation?

The flashback recalling Vandal Savage's life story in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7 reveals how he first made contact with the galactic tyrant Darkseid and formed an alliance. Savage believed he and his metahuman sons impressed Darkseid with their fighting spirit. The truth, however, was that Darkseid spared Savage and his people after his torturer, Desaad, suggested Earth's metahumans might be "sturdy stock for the Anti-Life Equation."

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Created by Jack Kirby as part of his Fourth World, the exact nature of The Anti-Life Equation has been kept largely vague, with different writers offering their own interpretations. It is said to be a mathematical formula, written into the very code of the universe, which once interpreted could allow those who knew it to obliterate all free-will in the universe. The logic is that without free will, a sentient being cannot truly be said to live. It was Darkseid's mission in the comics to find the equation and use it to take over the universe and presumably this is the ultimate goal of the Young Justice: Outsiders incarnation of Darkseid as well.

8. What is "The Star Creature"?

Young Justice Outsiders Starro The Conqueror

The flashbacks in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7 detailing Vandal Savage's life go on to depict his battles in ancient Babylon with a menace known only as "The Star Creature" - a being of unknown origin, who dominated the wills of the people of Babylon by placing star-shaped creatures upon their faces. The Star Creature is also revealed to be the source of the armada approaching Earth. It is later defeated by Vandal Savage, who attacks the creature's primary ship personally while Cassandra Savage pilots Warworld against its fleet.

Though not identified by name, comic readers will instantly recognize the star creature as Starro The Conqueror. A telepathic alien starfish who sought to take over the universe, Starro was the first monster the Justice League fought chronologically, being introduced in the team's first appearance in Brave and the Bold #28. A frozen Starro drone also lay at the center of Young Justice's first season, inspiring the technology The Light attempted to use to take over the minds of the Justice League.

7. Who Was Miguel Ferrer?

Miguel Ferrer in Iron Man 3

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7 ends with a bit of wisdom from Vandal Savage - "Life should not be wasted while it may yet be controlled to serve a greater purpose." These words then fade to a dedication to actor Miguel Ferrer, who died of throat cancer in 2017. A prolific film and television actor, Ferrer provided the voice for Vandal Savage during the first two seasons of Young Justice. It seems fitting then that this episode, which detailed the life of one of his most beloved roles, should be dedicated to Ferrer's memory.

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6. How have Halo’s powers evolved?

Young Justice Outsiders Halo Discovers Her Hologram Powers

Halo's impressive list of light-based powers continued to expand in the latest batch of episodes. "Evolution" saw Halo cast a green aura for the first time, which gives her the ability to conjure up holographic illusions. One episode later in "Triptych," Halo was able to generate a bright blue-white light that was able to drive back the shadows conjured by the villain Shade and seemingly hurt the darkness-manipulating villain. Halo's glow when she did this seemed more white than blue, however, so it remains unclear if this is her "blue" aura power or not.

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