Young Justice: Outsiders Reportedly Gets January 2019 Premiere Date

Young Justice Outsiders Season 3 Title Card

DC Entertainment will reportedly premiere Young Justice: Outsiders in early 2019 on their DC Universe digital platform. Originally developed by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman for Cartoon Network, the Young Justice animated series debuted in 2010 and ran for two seasons before going off the air. But thanks to its inclusion on streaming giant Netflix, the show gained a substantial and loyal following - and that fan base has been responsible for getting the program back on the air with a third season.

In 2016, Weisman started hyping up the possibility of a Young Justice revival. It wasn't until later that year that the third season was officially confirmed. And then, the following year, DC Entertainment revealed that the revival series would be titled Young Justice: Outsiders, yet still continue the story that left off with Young Justice season 2. Unfortunately, it's been a long journey since then, getting from the development stage into post-production. But the wait is almost over for audiences to get their fix of Young Justice.

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According to Twitter user DanielRPK, Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on Friday, January 4 on DC Universe. This falls in line with what DC Entertainment revealed during their live stream this afternoon. It was announced that Titans would premiere on October 12 and air every Friday. Since there are 12 episodes in the first season, the season 1 finale would air one week before Young Justice: Outsiders' premiere date. After all, DC's Jim Lee did say they want to air original content every week of the year.

The first Young Justice: Outsiders trailer debuted earlier this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, giving fans their first look at what the new season will entail. The trailer first recounted the events of the past two seasons before diving into new content, including showing how Artemis is dealing without Wally West, which was a big loss in the season 2 finale. Of course, there's much more to look forward to over the course of the 26-episode season, which will more than likely have a new episode air every Friday next year, throughout the winter and spring seasons.

Since this show has been revived for an extra-long season, it remains to be seen if it will be treated as a final season, simply wrapping up past storylines instead of laying the foundation for a new arc to begin in a potential fourth season and beyond. Although Young Justice: Outsiders was originally slated to premiere in late 2018, it seems the delayed debut for Titans has pushed the animated show back a few weeks into the first week of January.

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Source: DanielRPK

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