Young Justice: Outsiders’ Baby Lobo Post-Credits Scene Explained

Young Justice Lobo Clone Explained

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the Young Justice: Outsiders finale.

A running gag involving a finger-tip severed from the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo ended with a hilarious payoff in the season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders. While some comics fans had thought this joke was building to the reveal of a character from the original Young Justice comic books, it wound up going in an entirely different direction.

The gag began in Young Justice season 3, episode 9 "Home Fires," when Lobo was hired by the Light to assassinate Forager. While Forager and his allies in the Team were able to hold Lobo at bay, nothing they did was able to so much as scratch the Main Man until Halo cut off the tip of his pinky finger with a focused laser blast. Lobo finally left Earth after Forager shed his shell and tricked him into thinking he was dead. The closing credits of "Home Fires" focused on the image of Lobo's severed finger-tip, still lying on the rocky ground of the quarry where he had ambushed Forager and his friends.

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The finger-tip was still there, two episodes later, in the closing credits of episode 11, "Another Freak." During that time, the finger-tip had grown a bit larger while simultaneously shriveling and growing some small protrusions.  The severed digit would not appear again until the closing credits of episode 24, "Into The Breach," where it was beginning to grow hair on one protrusion and starting to resemble a hunched-over humanoid figure.

Fans of the Young Justice comics had guessed where this was leading early on, as one of Lobo's superpowers is the ability to clone himself from drops of blood or severed limbs. One issue of the comic saw Lobo arriving on Apokolips at the same time as the Young Justice team and spawning a small army of clones as he was ripped to shreds by Darkseid's forces. One of these clones did not mature fully and, being far weaker than his brethren, elected to hide on the Young Justice spaceship. This clone eventually adopted the name of Slobo and joined Young Justice as the team's mechanic.

Given how deeply Young Justice: Outsiders has drawn off of its source material in other respects, it seemed a safe bet that this finger would grow into Slobo before the season's end. However, the writers had other ideas. The closing credits of episode 26, "Nevermore," ended with a baby Lobo turning toward the camera and chuckling wickedly. He is immediately stomped into a bloody paste by the real Lobo, who finishes smoking his cigar and then tosses the stub into the puddle of goo that once was his finger, setting it ablaze. It is a violent and pointless end to what had promised to be a clever nod to the comics but it is well in keeping with the dark comedic tone of Lobo's character and his adventures.

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