Young Justice: Outsiders Artwork Confirms the New Roster

The first official artwork for Young Justice: Outsiders has been released, teasing a new team and a fresh batch of characters. With the announcement of DC Universe, the new streaming service from the hit comic company, film and TV are no longer the only mediums for the heroes and villains of the page. Alongside Titans, the revived Young Justice will finally get to tell a follow-up to its Invasion storyline. Naturally, that will involve the returning heroes taking on new roles while a new set of heroes step up to continue the work of the adolescent black-ops team.

Back during San Diego Comic-Con last year, we got our first look at Young Justice season 3 concept art. Not only did it offer updated looks at the core team, it teased the arrival of various other heroes like Traci 13. Interestingly, a Traci 13 TV show was also in the works on The CW, hinting that the character was set to play a bigger role in the DC world. That may still be true, but the latest look at Young Justice neglects to put the spotlight on her or the other new characters that were teased last year.

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Young Justice co-creator Greg Weisman shared the first official artwork from season 3 today, giving us our best idea yet of what the new batch of episodes will entail. We know metahuman trafficking will be a big factor, and the Outsiders subtitle will reference both the pariah status of some super-teens as well as the popular comic book group typically associated with Batman and Black Lightning. All of that is bundled up in the new art, which shows Nightwing leading a new team of young heroes with a few key characters watching over them.

The placement of Tigris, Superboy, and a variation on Black Lightning is interesting, suggesting they may be calling the shots of the new team in place of the Justice League. Black Lightning has played a minor role in the team before, but perhaps his hit CW series made the minds behind Young Justice decide to spotlight him more. Meanwhile, The Team (which has never been given a formal name) will naturally be led by Nightwing. Backing him up, however, are some new faces.

Most DC fans will recognize Katana on the far left and Metamorpho right behind Nightwing, so it looks like these adult characters will be aged down to join the team. The middle three are a bit more of a question mark, however. The woman with the golden glow is likely Halo or Solstice. That latter hero could go either way as Solstice may be in Titans and it's not clear how much more exposure DC will want for the somewhat obscure hero. The green-clad character with red hair is likely Geo-Force, though it's possible he's a young version of Green Lantern Kyle Raynor.

Finally, there's the requisite extraterrestrial character. The only similar character in DC lore is Bug the Forager, one of the New Gods. This is certainly a different look for the hero, but the New Gods are about to play a bigger role thanks to their upcoming film - not to mention they've already appeared on Young Justice (sans Bug). With Young Justice scheduled for late 2018, though, we may not have to wait much longer to learn the identities of the new team members.

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Young Justice: Outsiders is expected to air later this year on DC Universe.

Source: Greg Weisman

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