• Violet "Halo" Harper has become the breakout character of Young Justice Outsiders. 1 / 10

  • Halo was one of several new heroes introduced in Young Justice season 3's first half. 2 / 10

    Geo Force Forager and Halo Young Justice vertical
  • Halo seemingly died and was reborn with the power to generate various multicolored auras. 3 / 10

    Halo Young Justice Outsiders vertical
  • Among other things, the auras let Halo fly, create forcefields, heal others and craft illusions. 4 / 10

  • It was discovered later that Halo was a Motherbox soul inhabiting a dead girl's body. 5 / 10

    Young Justice Outsiders Disassembled Motherbox vertical
  • The journey of discovery as a hero and a human made Halo a sympathetic character. 6 / 10

  • Recently, Dr. Jace determined that Halo's powers are slowly destroying Halo's body. 7 / 10

    Young Justice Outsiders Dr. Jace Confronts Halo vertical
  • This prompted Halo to act out, skipping training to hang out with delinquent Harper Row. 8 / 10

  • Where and how Halo's journey will end is anyone's guess at this point. 9 / 10

    Young Justice Violet Harper Halo vertical
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