How Halo Became Young Justice's Breakout Character

Halo in Young Justice Outsiders

Violet Harper (aka Halo) has become the breakout character of Young Justice: Outsiders. While the new season of the popular DC Universe animated series has introduced several new metahumans to its lineup of young heroes, Halo's story has stood out as one of the most unique yet most relatable aspects of the show.

Halo was introduced early in Young Justice season 3 as a seemingly amnesic refugee from the worn-torn nation of Qurac, named Gabrielle Daou, who found employment as a servant of the Markovian royal family. Apparently killed during a terrorist attack that also claimed the lives of the king and queen, Halo was mysteriously resurrected with no memory and a series of superpowers based around the color of the auras that radiated from Halo's body. Halo adopted the name of Violet Harper, began training as part of Nightwing's new covert superhero team and started dating Geo-Force. In Young Justice: Outsiders midseason finale, it was revealed that Halo was not truly Gabrielle Daou but the soul of a dissected Mother Box (a piece of advanced sentient technology utilized by the New Gods) possessing Gabrielle Daou's dead body. This revelation lead to Halo's declaration that they were not sure if they were a boy or a girl in terms of personality, but Geo-Force affirmed his love for Halo regardless.

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Halo's search for identity as both a teenager trying to fit in at a new school and a fledgling superhero captured the heart of many Young Justice fans. The themes of growing up and finding your place in the world have been recurring themes since the first season of Young Justice and the show has seen its first generation of teen superheroes grow into young adults and take on mentoring roles of their own. Ironically, despite Halo's unique origins and seemingly being one of the most compartmentalized characters in terms of which minority groups they represent as a genderfluid Arabic refugee, Halo's search for identity made Halo sympathetic to a wide variety of fans, who went through their own awkward phases as teenagers or have coped with similar issues in their lives.

Young Justice Outsiders Harper Row Kisses Violet Harper Halo

The most recent episode, "Early Warning," added further complications into Halo's life beyond basic identity issues. The Outsider's team physician and den mother Dr. Helga Jace determined that Halo's powers are slowly burning-out the cells of Halo's body and Halo has only a few months left to live. Despite Dr. Jace's certainty she can find a cure, this news seems to inspire a nihilistic streak in Halo, who skips combat training with the team in favor of hanging out with Harper Row - a rebellious punk girl who befriended Violet Harper. This leads to an afternoon of drinking, shooting bottles with a handgun Harper took from her father and Harper kissing Violet in a moment of bravado. When Violet protests that they have a boyfriend, Harper replies that she does, too, and the two kiss more intensely, with Violet being seemingly less reluctant this time.

Naturally, the sound of gunshots in the small town of Happy Harbor summons the local police, who arrive just as Violet is giving the gun a try. Ms. Martian, in her secret identity of Megan Morse, is called to pick Violet up from the police station. When Megan asks if Violet wants to talk about what happened, the usually awkward and overly-expressive Violet is uncharacteristically silent. It remains to be see what will become of Halo as the story of Young Justice: Outsiders continues but it seems that drama, in both meanings of the word, is on the horizon for the young hero.

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