Young Justice: Outsiders Debuting On DC Universe In 2019

Young Justice: Outsiders is pushed to 2019 along with Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn, meaning only Titans will air this year.

The debut of Young Justice: Outsiders has been bumped back to 2019 along with every other DC Universe series save Titans. All told, it's been a relatively short period of time since Warner Bros. and DC announced that Titans and season 3 of Young Justice were moving forward. Both series will launch as part of DC Universe, which today unveiled its plans to combine original series with existing films and TV shows, comics, and merchandise. The move will one-up Marvel's Unlimited comic app and Disney's streaming service, which will feature new superhero content.

What is still unknown about DC Universe is when exactly the various shows will debut. Along with Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders, the animated Harley Quinn has been announced along with live-action Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol shows. Little is known about the latter three, though Doom Patrol is eyeing Kelsey Grammer as part of a recasting of The Chief. Swamp Thing, meanwhile, comes attached with horror-stalwart and Aquaman director James Wan, though information on the series is still scant. Now, however, we have some broad details on when each of the five shows will arrive.

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DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. announced today that Young Justice: Outsiders is being pushed back to 2019. Once pegged for a later 2018 premiere, the show will now join Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol on DC Universe next year, meaning only Titans is scheduled for 2018. Along with the news, a new image of the initial roster for Young Justice season 3 has been released.

Young Justice season 3 art has already revealed a number of other young heroes who will be joining the animated series in season 3, but the image above shows the core team. Along with Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, the Tim Drake Robin, and Impulse (likely now Kid Flash), we see new members Arrowette, 13, and Spoiler (who cameoed last season). Static, meanwhile, has been upgraded from his smaller role in season 2.

Likely, multiple teams will exist in the new series, as the previous art showed Nightwing leading heroes like Katana and Metamorpho. Hopefully, that means the core group will finally receive a moniker other than 'The Team.' Season 3 deals with metahuman trafficking, something season 2 partially dealt with and used to expand the roster of potential heroes. With a similar conceit involved in Outsiders, that means plenty of new comic book characters are destined to arrive. With San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, further details (and a possible trailer) should be inbound. If nothing else, a precise release date for Titans and Young Justice could be coming in the near future.

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Young Justice: Outsiders will air in 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Entertainment

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