Young Justice Outsiders: Every Minor DC Character Cameo

Young Justice Eddie Corliss

Eddie Corliss

Though not named in the episode, the young man on the front row of Ms. Parris' class who mutters that Violet Harper and Fred Bugg are freaks is credited with the name Eddie Corliss. In the comics, Eddie Corliss was indirectly responsible for the formation of the Teen Titans. It was Eddie who wrote to Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad to ask if they would speak on behalf of his youth club to help argue against the mayor's plan to institute a curfew in the town of Hatton Corners. This would lead to the three heroes encountering the villain Mister Twister and realizing the value of teamwork.

Paul Sloane

Young Justice Paul Sloane

In the reality of Young Justice, Paul Sloane is the actor who played the role of Conner - Megan's boyfriend on the sitcom Hello, Megan. In the Golden Age Batman comics, Sloane was an actor who was cast to play the role of Harvey "Two-Face" Dent in a biographical movie about the famous gangster, only to become convinced he was the real Two-Face after half his face became scarred in an accident. Amusingly enough, he was the second person to impersonate the real Two-Face, with Harvey Dent's butler Wilkins having taken up the role as well.

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Casey Brinke

Young Justice Casey Brinke

In the episode "Nightmare Monkeys," Casey Brinke is the name of the EMT who comes to help Beast Boy after he lapses into a coma while using a pair of Goode Goggles. In the classic Doom Patrol comics, Casey Brinke was a young woman who was imagined into existence by the sentient roadway known as Danny The Street. This Casey Brinke was also an EMT as well as a superhero, who Danny sent out into the real world in order to find the Doom Patrol, so they could save him from the aliens known as the Vectra.

Mister Bliss

Young Justice Mister Bliss

Mister Bliss is the master of ceremonies at the metahuman slave auctions/gladiatorial combats in Bialya. Originally created for the 1994 Starman comic book, Mister Bliss was a demon who ran a carnival with an old-fashioned freakshow and fed on the suffering of his captives. He was later re-imagined as a mind-controlling metahuman ringmaster for The Flash: Season Zero comic.


Young Justice Desolation and Psimon

One of the villains employed by Queen Bee to provide security at her metahuman auctions, Devastation is an amazonian powerhouse capable of leveling buildings with her bare hands. In the comics, Devastation was created by the Ancient Greek god Cronus as an dark twin of Wonder Woman. Formed from the clay of Themyscira and blessed by Cronus and his children, Devastation was just as strong and fast as Wonder Woman. She also possessed the power of telepathy and the ability to alter the emotions of others, letting her mentally break those who would not fall to physical force.


Young Justice Holocaust

Holocaust is the fire-manipulating metahuman who is pitted against Tara Markov in the arena of Bialya. First appearing in Blood Syndicate #1, Holocaust was originally created for the Milestone Media universe and was a frequent enemy of both Static and Icon. Later introduced into the DC Universe along with the other Milestone Media characters, Holocaust's exact power limits have never been defined. However, one issue of Teen Titans depicted him as being capable of going toe-to-toe with Kid Flash, Superboy and Cyborg simultaneously.

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