Young Justice Outsiders: Every Minor DC Character Cameo

Young Justice Bash Bashford Victor Stone

Bash Bashford

Near the end of "Exceptional Human Beings," Victor Stone is approached by a talent scout with Metropolis University, who introduces himself as Bash Bashford. In the classic Superboy comics, Bash Bashford was a sports star at Smallville High School, who bragged about being tougher than Superboy and bullied Clark Kent. His cowardice and incompetence were always revealed by Superboy, who showed up to save the day when Bash came up short facing whatever crisis was threatening the teenagers of Smallville that month.

Harper Row

Young Justice Harper Row

When Halo and Forager start school at Happy Harbor High in "Another Freak," the only student who makes any effort to befriend them is a blue-haired girl named Harper Row. A recent introduction to the Batman mythos, Harper Row was an emancipated minor who worked as an electrical engineer maintaining Gotham City's power grid. Discovering the "Bat Boxes" which Bruce Wayne used to disable the city's CCTV network to mask his comings and goings as Batman, Harper improved upon their design and eventually became a crime-fighter alongside Batman as the hero Bluebird.

Dale Gunn

Young Justice Silas Tone Dale Gunn Casey Klebba

Dale Gunn is a security guard and one of the STAR Labs personnel who helps Dr. Silas Stone to save his son Victor's life after a lab explosion in "Another Freak." In the comics, Dale Gunn played two similar roles, first appearing in the Justice League comic book. Here, Dale Gunn was a security specialist who oversaw the maintenance of the Justice League's base in Detroit. Following The New 52 revamp, Dale Gunn appeared in the 2013 Vibe series as an agent of ARGUS, charged with capturing Vibe and recruiting him for a new government-run superhero team.

Dr. Allen Phaedon

Young Justice Allen Phaedon

Dr. Allen Phaedon is one of Dr. Silas Stone's colleagues at STAR Labs. In the episode "Another Freak," he assists Dr. Stone in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone's life, despite serious reservations. In the comics, Dr. Phaedon was an employee of STAR Labs' Detroit facility and part of the supporting cast of the 2004 Firestorm comic.

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Dr. Sarah Charles

Young Justice Sarah Charles

Dr. Sarah Charles is another one of Dr. Silas Stone's colleagues at STAR Labs, who assists him in using the Fatherbox to try and save Victor Stone's life. In the comics, Dr. Sarah Charles is a frequent ally of the Teen Titans. She is also occasionally a love interest of Victor Stone, both before and after he became Cyborg.

Lenore Parris

Young Justice Violet Harper Halo Forager Fred Bugg First Day Of School

Ms. Parris is the first teacher whom Halo and Forager encounter at Happy Harbor High School. She introduces them to her homeroom class and admonishes Harper Row when she arrives late for class. In the Superfriends comic book based on the classic animated series, Lenore Parris was a teacher at Gotham Central High School who taught the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna.

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