Young Justice Outsiders: Every Minor DC Character Cameo

Young Justice Outsiders DC Character Cameos

Young Justice: Outsiders contains a number of cameos by some incredibly obscure DC Comics characters. This is hardly surprising, given how deeply the popular animated series draws off the well of its source material. Nevertheless, the sheer number and variety of characters who were worked into the background of various episodes is a testament to the creative teams' commitment to replicating the multiverse of DC Comics as accurately as possible.

First airing on Cartoon Network in 2010, Young Justice proved to be a cult-classic that attracted fans far beyond its intended audience. That audience rallied when the show was unceremoniously cancelled after only two seasons, with the show's third season now airing on the DC Universe streaming service. While the show has introduced a number of beloved original characters, such as Artemis Crock and Kaldur'ahm, it is largely lionized for how it has utilized a wide spectrum of characters across DC Comics' many decades of existence.

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The following breakdown profiles thirty of these appearances by various DC Comics characters. Some of these characters have appeared on the show before, but are still notable in their obscurity in the original comic books. Others are fairly major characters whose appearances amount to minor cameos but may indicate a larger role in the seasons to come, much like how Stephanie Brown appeared as a hostage in Young Justice: Invasion before appearing in Young Justice: Outsiders as the heroine The Spoiler.

Dr. Simon Ecks

Young Justice Dr. Simon Ecks Dr. Double X

In the world of Young Justice, Dr. Simon Ecks is a world-famous geneticist who took a position with a children's hospital in Markovia for unknown reasons. It was later revealed that Dr. Ecks was involved with the metahuman trafficking trade in Markovia, testing children for their potential to develop superpowers and triggering their transformation into brainwashed super-soldiers for auction. Dr. Ecks was also revealed to be a metahuman who had the power to create clones of himself.

First appearing in Detective Comics #261 in November 1958, Dr. Double X is very much a product of the Silver Age of Comics. One of the many scientists of the era who made a revolutionary discovery only to use it for committing petty crimes against the world that mocked him, Dr. Double X was easily defeated by Batman despite his development of a device that created a clone of himself with energy powers. He proved just as ineffectual against The Flash, when he and the equally obscure Rainbow Raider decided to trade arch-enemies.

Catherine Cobert

Young Justice Catherine Cobert

Catherine Cobert is the Public Relations Officer of the Justice League. She is seen speaking before the United Nations in the episode "Royal We," formally announcing the list of heroes who recently resigned from the team. In the comics, Catherine Cobert filled a similar role in Justice League International, where she managed the team's embassy in Paris.

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Young Justice Troia

The announcement of several Justice League members resigning from the team leads to a vigorous debate. One of the few voices speaking out on behalf of the heroes is Troia, the Ambassador of the Amazon homeland of Themyscira. In the comics, Troia was the second codename taken on by Donna Troy, who helped Wonder Woman as Wonder Girl. She was also part of the team of teenage superheroes during the five year gap between season 1 and season 2 of Young Justice, according to Executive Producer Greg Weisman.

Kaizen Gamorra

Young Justice Kaizen Gamorra

One of the many world leaders at the United Nations who speak out against the Justice League is Kaizen Gamorra. In the Wildstorm Universe comics, Kaizen Gamorra is the ruler of the rogue nation of Gamorra, which stands at the forefront of the fields of genetic engineering and cybernetic implants. Backed by armies of clones, cyborgs and metahumans, Gamorra was a continual thorn in the sides of Stormwatch, Mr. Majestic and The Authority.

Nikolas Stofka

Young Justice Nikolas Stofka

One of the most tragic elements of the season came in "Eminent Threat" when a Markovian farmer named Nikolas Stofka wrongly shot the just-liberated Plasmus thinking he was a monster. Nikolas Stofka was also the name of a character in a similarly tragic story in The Outsiders #14 . Here, Nikolas was a young Markovian who befriended a lost young woman, not realizing she was secretly Windfall - one of the metahuman mercenaries employed by Baron Bedlam during his attempted coup. Despite Windfall honestly trying to turn over a new leaf, Nikolas gleefully joined the mob that wanted to burn her at the stake when her identity was discovered.

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Zviad Baazovi

Young Justice Zviad Baazovi Bad Samaritan

Despite exposing Baron Bedlam's treachery, Prince Brion Markov was still exiled from his homeland by his older brother, upon the advice of Makrov's Ambassador to the United Nations, Zviad Baazovi. In the comics, Zviad Baazovi was a master spy known as The Bad Samaritan. Working alternatively as an agent of the Russian government, an adviser to Baron Bedlam and the White Bishop of the covert organization Checkmate, Baazovi's activities pit him against the Outsiders on more than one occasion.

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